People get numerous infant car seats in the market. They can puzzle or confuse that which one is the best for their babies. A good infant car seat can carry the babies who have an weight between 3.5 to 40 pounds and fit for those babies who have a height 32” to 35”. Some infant car seats contains a convertible seat which can change from rear facing to a forward facing seat. The seat capacity is more than the above one. It can carry the babies of 80 pounds. The another best product i.e. the best infant car seat is Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base.


This product named Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base is the no. 1 product which is launched in America. This product can carry the new-born babies who have a weight 30 pounds. The model no. of this product is 04061472670070. The minimum weight of the product is 1.81 kg. The maximum weight of the product is 13.6 kg. This product is fully free from lead. This product is manufactured by Chicco. This is an imported company. The item model no. is similar to the item no. This product does not contain any batteries. The dimension of the product is 69.8×43.2×61 cm.

best infant car seat

Features and Details:

This product first came in the market on 21th Dec 2015. It has a best seller rank i.e. 61632. The features are enlisted below:

  • People can install this infant car seat easily.
  • It contains an energy absorbing foam which protect the child from any kind of jerking.
  • This product is preferable for those babies who have weight 11 pounds.
  • This product contains a carry handle which is easily gripped by the baby.
  • People can set up it in multiple positions. It is very adjustable product.
  • It contains really a good lock system. For this it is not necessary any kind of latch system to accommodate vehicles.
  • The main feature of this product is it can depart from the base.
  • People can compare it with Neuvo, TRE, Liteway Plus, Cortina, Activ3 etc. This product is better than these above products.


This product has several drawbacks. It does not contain any kind of canopy shade. So it does not protect baby from the sunrays. It is very tightly packed the babies, so it may cause discomfort for the babies. In spite of these drawbacks, people can use this product frequently. Not only that it is very expensive too.


People sometimes think that a car seat and crib are similar. They can use the crib in the place of car seats. But it is totally wrong. A car seat and crib are two different things which is used in different purposes.