A double chin is a common ailment that should not be taken seriously. It’s nothing more than an additional layer of fat under the chin. When this layer of fat grows thick enough, wrinkles emerge, resulting in the appearance of one or several chins. Although a double chin is not normally a cause for worry, many people desire to decrease it since it can affect their self-image. Double chins are frequently connected with gaining weight, but they can occur for a variety of causes. People who are at their optimal weight might have a double chin. As a result, before you begin therapy for the double chin removal, you must first determine what is causing it.

Extra fat

A double chin is most commonly caused by an additional layer of fat. As you gain weight, you will notice fat deposition all over your body, including your face and chin. Depending on your body shape, it might be simple to acquire weight in your face.

double chin removal

Inadequate posture

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop or phone, you may be contributing to the problem. We tend to bend our neck to see what we are doing when we use a laptop or smart phone, and adapting to that posture is one of the most harmful things you can do for your body. This position not only causes neck discomfort, but it also affects the platysma muscle, which links your neck to your chin. As this muscle weakens the flexibility around your jaw line decreases.


Another major cause of a double chin is age, so you must know about double chin removal. When you reach your mid-20s, your skin’s collagen production begins to decline. During this period, your skin loses elasticity and begins to droop. The less collagen your skin generates as you age, the more noticeable the consequences of droopy skin become. While ageing is unavoidable, a number of things can hasten the process. Early skin ageing is caused by smoking, poor food, and sun exposure. To decrease the effects of ageing, maintain proper skincare routines and consume a nutritious diet.


If any members of your family possess a double chin, you are likely to develop one as well. Although there is no unique gene for a double chin, a number of factors might increase your chances of developing one. Weight increase, thinner skin, or a double chin is examples of these characteristics.

Hair removal takes time and can frustrate sometimes. Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, tweezing, or waxing give an instant effect, but it is temporary. To get rid of unwanted hair growth, you can opt for an efficient and effective IPL treatment. The efficiency of the treatment will be determined depending on the factors like hair color, frequency, and energy. Nowadays, there are more options available to choose the best and affordable ipl hair removal service.

It is important to opt for the best service from a reputable specialist to get the long-term effect. In this treatment, the light penetrates to the dermis and hence it does not cause any harm to the epidermis, the top layer of your skin. You can use this treatment to remove hairs from any area in your body and it suits you well for people with darker skin. Before starting the treatment, you need to discuss all criteria and options with your specialist and it includes the requirement, expectation, risk, benefits, best procedure, and cost.

The procedure involves the below steps,

  • The specialist will cleanse the treatment area to avoid any dust.
  • Then they apply the cool gel on the part and rub them well.
  • After that, they will apply the light pulses through the IPL device, and to avoid any damage to your eyes, they will provide you with dark glasses to wear.
  • Normally the treatment will get over in half an hour and is completely based on the size of the treatment area.

The major reason for people to choose this pulse treatment are:

  • The light rays will target only the coarse and dark hairs and hence leaves the rest of the surrounding skin undamaged.
  • While treating, each laser pulse takes only a fraction of a second and treats several hairs at a single pulse.
  • You can use this treatment to remove hairs from the upper lip, legs, back, or underarm.
  • Most people get their permanent loss of unwanted hair after 3 to 7 sessions.

After the procedure, the skin will be more sensitive and it will settle in a week. Hence avoid the usage of hot water in the treated areas until the skin heals. You may get the side effects of swelling, mild redness, blistering, or skin color change and it will fade in a day or two. If the symptoms are existing for over three days, it is best to consult with skincare doctors or specialists. For a permanent cure, you need to go for at least six to twelve treatments.

About melanotan peptide

Chemistry, the category of science in which scientists engage with new substances every day, study different materials for their properties and reactions, and react to cultivate brand new substances. With the roundabout of medical and pharmaceutical chemistry, the chemical analysis and combination of new compounds are used to produce new compounds, which can enhance new drugs. The compound melanotan peptide is a laboratory chemical that resembles a hormone in the body.

The drug was created to treat skin conditions but also gets advertised as a supplement. It is commonly used these days as a skin tanning drug. It results in a permanent tan, which lasts way longer than a regular tan. It is also used to cure erectile dysfunction by helping in generating erections.

melanotan peptide

Details about melanotan peptide- working, usage, how to take it 

Melanotan is like an ingredient in our bodies, called a melanocyte-stimulating hormone, heightening the fabrication of skin-darkening pigments and hastens erections of the penis. Early research shows that providing melanotan as a shot underneath the skin improves men with erectile dysfunction and helps keep an erection.

According to a few researchers, melanotan peptide reduces little weight without any calorie reduction. After 2-3 weeks of daily usage, when the anticipated level of pigmentation is accomplished, the injections must continue 2 per week to maintain it. The person should be exposed to the natural sunlight for at least 20 mins a day to get the UV rays to help activate the injections.

Melanotan should be injected into the fatty layer of tissue near the belly button area. Usually, it is used regularly until a coveted color is accomplished and then injected 2 per week to maintain it.

Side effects and over usage of melanotan peptide

The chemical has prolonged side effects, which are mostly

  • darkened skin
  • nausea
  • flushing of the face
  • involuntary stretching & yawning
  • spontaneous erections
  • increased moles and freckles
  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite

These are the cells over time that turn cancerous in malignant melanoma, so doctors think it could result in skin cancer in the lengthy-term. In the short-term, side-effects of the chemical are not very serious. Too much melatonin can cause a lot of harm. It can make it tougher to sleep because your natural body rhythms will be interrupted. The drug has been approved for its properties, but not for the safety, quality, and effectiveness; hence recommended to be taken only with a prescription. An overdose of the chemical can also leave you feeling sleepy during the day and hallucinations, dreams at night, causing psychological problems.

In conclusion, the drug does enhance the sexual spur and handles erectile dysfunction in the body but brings along a long list of side effects, which could prove fatal. If taken, doctors are aware of the side effects and could help cure the individual completely by prescribing substitute drugs. The side effects and prolonged effects should be kept in mind before purchasing the chemical for injection.

Melanotan 2 is an alpha-Melanocyte hormone, MSH or Melanotan peptide, is the synthetic variant of the natural peptide hormone, which is responsible for the melanogenesis (process that can cause pigmentation of skin) in your body. Synthetically made and injectable hormone is used commonly for the improved sexual stamina as well as to darken the skin pigment. This drug is among legal peptides on sale, and sold in the powdered form that is reconstituted for the subcutaneous injections.

Initially Melanotan II was developed in 1990s ad led by the popular dermatologist named Norman Levine, research team that was behind invention of this drug used on frogs to experiment safety and effectiveness of the hormone called Alpha MSH before it got used on people. Hormone caused darkening of pigments of frogs used in this experiment.

On confirming effectiveness of the Alpha MSH for darkening the frog skin pigments and they modified Melanotan 2 peptide in way that will be friendly to human body as well as put this through the clinical trials.  Melanotan 2 works by activating a few melanocortin receptors, and leading to the improved skin tanning, improved sexual libido, higher lipid metabolism as well as suppressed appetite.

Why was Melanotan 2 popular?


Some people try and discredit the peptides sales, particularly Melanotan2, and dissuade other to use it, many of them who lack pigment or have Melanotan supplement cannot keep calm. They’re satisfied with use of Melanotan-II results as well as keep on recommending this drug to other people. Thus, popularity of the Melanotan supplement increases. A report that was released by the BBC in 2009 indicated that that hundreds of people had visited the main benefits of Melanotan-II include enhance libido, dark skin, as well as fat loss.

Points about Melanotan-II that you have to know

Having white skin is not something that a lot of people like as a complexion is susceptible to skin cancer and sunburns. Fortunately, even though you are born with the pale skin, you may add a little tan to your skin by taking reliable drug that will increase skin-darkening pigment formation. In this case, Melanotan 2 results are highly unregrettable.

There are some positive effects of using Melanotan 2, but major one is an ability to tan all kinds of skin regardless of how old an individual is. If you are not very comfortable with paleness of the white skin and want to give this tan, you have to know the skin type before you start this journey to Melanotan black skin.

The skin, being the most extensive organ in the human body is prone to get affected once in a while. Bruises, cuts, and burns are just a few of those instances. Sometimes, however, the skin manifests some symptoms not inflicted by any external factor, but an internal one instead. And in such cases, you may or may not know the reason behind such an adverse reaction.

Our bodies adapt differently such that some things may affect one person’s skin and be entirely safe for another. Some issues go away a short while after appearing, but some prompt you into seeing a professional. And below are some of those indicators.

  1. Acne

Acne is probably the most common skin conditions that affects humans. It occurs in both young skin and old skins. Such that babies, teenagers, and older adults are likely candidates of this skin condition. Most times, when the pimples appear, they are ignored because they disappear on their own after sometimes. But if this skin condition persists and doesn’t go away, it is a warning sign indicating something beyond oily skin. Especially if the pimples are enormous and are oozing pus. This here may be an indication of hormonal imbalance and may lead to thyroid.

  1. Itchiness

Itchiness is a fundamental reaction of the human body when it is responding to a stimulus, whether internal or externally. You may have contacted something that caused the itchiness, and a simple wash may do the trick. But in the event an itch occurs without a causative agent, it may be a sign you need to see a dermatologist or a physician to asses the issue further. Deep sited reasons may be diabetic or an infection in the body. It may also be an indication of liver or kidney problems.

  1. Rashes

When the skin is exposed to some conditions, it reacts by forming little bumps on the skin called goosebumps. These kinds of rashes are not harmful but rather an incentive to warm the body. But if your skin starts developing itchy rashes, oozing pus and ones that spread to different sections it may be an indication of some severe diseases. Some examples of those conditions are measles and chickenpox, which are highly contagious. And if they go untreated, they may even cause death.

Other rashes may be due to a drug allergy, a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.

  1. Unexplainable Skin Discolorations

Skin discolorations can happen for a few reasons. For instance, if you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, you are expected to tan. Or you got hurt, and a scar has a different hue to the rest of your skin. Both scenarios are not a scare but when you notice unexplainable skin splotch, tend to it fast. If you see your underarms and neck becoming darker, it may be an indication of acanthosis nigricans, which is the resistance of insulin, a precursor to diabetes. Yellowing of your skin indicates jaundice, and when the yellowness is concentrated under your eyes, it indicates an abnormal lipid profile.


Taking care of your skin should be of great importance to anyone. It may be the reason why you catch the disease at its infancy. So pay attention, your life depends on it.

The entire range of products at our company are handmade so you can ensure that every single ingredient is natural. The animal-derived ingredients are not used in our products as all the products are suitable for the vegans. The products at Handmade Naturals from our own brands will not include any chemical preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Most of the customers are satisfied with the results obtained after using our natural products. You can choose the products of your choice as there are many natural care products which are available on our website. There will be no harmful effects on the human body with the products manufactured with natural ingredients. The number of products which are used on a daily basis should be taken into consideration by the customers.

Natural skin care female

Perform the patch test:

If you are looking for the skin care products which will not include any chemical ingredients then you can definitely visit our Handmade Naturals website. The absorption rate can be increased as it is proved that certain chemicals can be easily absorbed when they are used in the form of ingredients. Some of the substances may not cause any harm to your skin if they are used in the right proportions. It is advisable to perform the patch test before you use any natural product for the first time. You must ensure that your skin is not sensitive to the ingredients which are used in manufacturing the products. Some of the products can be easily absorbed by your skin so u can apply a little more of it is required. The surface of your skin may have a shiny appearance if the access amount of products which you have applied is not absorbed by your skin.

Provide a healthy look:

It is better to choose the natural skin care products which are suitable for your skin type in order to get better results. All the toxins will be cleared on your skin to provide a healthy look if you are switching from synthetic skin care to detox treatment. If you observe that your skin is sensitive to any of the ingredients then it is better to discover them through the tester pots. You can find an improvement in your skin tone if you have a clear idea about the consistency of a product which you apply on your skin. The consistency of the final product will be effected based on the variation in the richness and colour even though all the products are made up of natural ingredients.

Your lips enhance your beauty. You can give yourself a boost with the right products in your bag. You can always keep your face, lips and the entire body in the best shape in the presence of the right products.

If you want to be totally sure about your lips then you should opt for the best organic lip scrub, Scrubs always give your lips a better feel, surface and texture. Your lips would feel absolutely soft and effective in the presence of the right scrub. In case you think that your regular water baths would also clean up your lips then you are wrong. To nurture your lips, you have to have the right products on your plate.

What is organic in products?

If any type of product is USDA certified organic, it would mean that it is made of ninety five percent or more of organic ingredients emerge from plant sources. All types of such ingredients were grown without bio engineered genes, pesticidesor petroleum-based fertilizers that could be toxic to the setting. Also, such types of ingredients were farmed by making use of organic farming methods that recycle sources and endorse biodiversity. Natural products are simply emerged from natural sources without any type of added synthetic compounds.

The smell of organic products:

Once the ingredients of a product natural and organic, every single thing is naturally-scented. For example, a rose cream is made from real rose water and the essential oils skin and body are from the real plant. These are never an imitation.  You know what, once you use a natural product, after a few weeks, you are going to be in a position to notice the difference between an imitation scent and a natural fragrance and you are never going to wish to switch back. Remember, even if you are using a natural product on your skin or lips; make sure that you test it before using. Sometimes people are also allergic to natural things. If the product irritates, it would be apt to avoid the usage. However, most of the natural products are safe and effective. They won’t give you any type of itching or irritation.

There won’t be crankiness:

Once you use lip scrubs, there won’t be any type of cracks or crankiness in your lips. Your lips would stay soft, properly textured and effective. Since you are using the natural product on your lips, it won’t have any type of side effects.   Similarly, if you find some sort of cracks on your lips then you should definitely switch to natural products. These products are always effective and productive. These won’t just smoother the surface but also fill the gaps in the texture of your lips. It is all about the type of products you use on your lips. Natural and organic ones would never disappoint you.


So, the thing is to be extra careful about the sensitive areas of your body. Your lips demand utmost care and nurturing. Don’t take any chance with your lips. You can always use the natural organic lip scrub on your lips and keep them in the best shape.

Being a parent is hectic that sometimes you forget about taking care of your skin. You should always look after your skin because it acts as a protective barrier and filter between you and the outside world. It is crucial that you keep it healthy because it is in a constant state of growth – old cells dying and new cells developing.

Keep in mind that your skin is affected by what you eat and how you live your life. Keeping it healthy means it can fight signs of aging and it can promote faster healing thereby preventing potential skin infections and diseases. Poor skin care habit can lead to wrinkles, acne, sores, and rashes. Proper skin care is particularly critical for people with skin issues like skin allergies and psoriasis.

When it comes to proper skin care, there are mainstays – cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. These should be a part of your twice-daily (morning and evening) skincare routine. However, you can choose to add things like night gel and serums for advanced skin protection. If in this case, you are going to bed without using B22 Night Gel, then you are doing something wrong. Night gels are important because it can restore your tired skin.

The benefits of the night gel will surprise you and the thought of not using it is a waste of resources. Here are the benefits of using a night gel:

B22 Night Gel

It gives deep nourishment
During the day, your skin is in fighting and protection mode. At night during sleep, the skin also takes rest and it regenerates thereby repairing itself. It is therefore important that you assist the skin in terms of repairing. Night gels can help by providing the skin with deep nourishment. You have to know that night gels are rich in emollients that help restore and moisturise tired skin.

It fights wrinkles
Wrinkles will creep you out. Night gels can help your skin fight against wrinkles because it is vitamin E enriched. It has a natural ability to repair itself and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. It will not only fade wrinkles but it also prevents their reappearance.

It reduces the appearance of pigmentation
Skin pigmentation means discoloration and it is a big concern for many. It is often the result of sun exposure, genetics, medication, and hormonal changes. Using night gels that contain vitamin C and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) can reduce the discoloration. In other words, night gel will ensure that your skin has an even complexion.

It improves skin elasticity
When the skin is unhealthy, it loses its elasticity – it will sag and appear thin. Night gels have skin tightening benefits. They can revive the aging skin and facilitate firming it again. For this benefit, you have to look for night gel rich in collagen, retinoid, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

Now that you know the benefits, it is time that you choose one. Choosing the right night gel that will suit your skin tone is important.  When choosing, ensure that the gel is not too thick. If it is too thick, it will clog your skin pores, which will be difficult for your skin to breathe.

Tips to get young skin and fresh look

On your special day, such as for wedding ceremony, birthday party, or graduation ceremony, you will need to have a special look. Having special treatment might cause you an expensive cost. Onthe other way around, you could have another option of having a facial treatment by yourself. Actually, this is simple and everybody could learn how to fight Against Ageing Skin properly.

A young look skin has a strong relationship with aging. So the first treatment is related to fight the aging process. Use natural ingredient material from Croton Lechleri, a special plant grows in northwestern South America. This essence is contained in Dragon Blood gel, a high-quality product from Nioskin. One jar contains 30 ml gel which is a mixture of Croton Lechleri with other excellent natural ingredients.

This proven formula would also help you to reduce redness skin that might not look good in your face. Another symptom like an inflammation could also be reduced. After several weeks of usage, you will no longer see these damage symptoms in your skin.

Fight Against Ageing Skin

Use this anti-aging gel every day in advance, for example, two or three weeks before your special day. It is preferred to have this aging gel in the night before you sleep. Clean your face with water first, and then rub it in small press with a smooth towel. After that, disperse this gel around your face and neck in a thin layer.

The next thing, after you could reduce your aging process, then it is better to enhance it by having a whitening agent such as the Star Bright cream from Nioskin. This cream contains of natural essence of Star Vine, Lumiskin, Star Fish, and Secretion Filtrate from Snails. Four essential materials in this cream made a specific effect to moisturize your skin, so thus it could help you to prevent your skin in dry condition.

Not only that, these essences combined with Vitamin C that brings nutrition to your skin cell. Disperse it every day to your skin would slower it from a darker skin pigment, which eventually keeps your skin in a brighter tone.

A combination of anti-aging gel and a whitening cream is a perfect combination to prepare you to look fresher on your special day. The effect of these essences would be different for each person. Some people might have a faster effect than others.

So in spite of having expensive cost of facial treatment through unproven result, it is better for you to have this simple method. Keeping your skin young by reducing the aging process, then make it a little brighter, would become a very good solution. Use it every day in a consistent way for better result.

We can all look through the internet or go to a dermatologist and buy the best products to deal with the effects of aging on our skin. But in order to reap the real results and make the regime work, you have to run an extra mile. This extra mile is certain habits for taking care of your skin that will complement your anti-aging skincare regime and bring best results. Here’s a list of healthy habits that you should follow along with your skincare routine on a regular basis.

Drink lots of water

Water is the cheapest and the most natural way of taking care of your skin. The skin produces toxins and lets them out. If you are not properly hydrated, the concentration of the toxins becomes high. Water helps lowering it. To make it even better, add ingredients that have antioxidant properties to your water and it will double the benefits.

proprietary biosphere and qusome

Let your face breathe

By “let your face breathe”, there is no implying that your face actually breathes. But covering the face with makeup all the time isn’t doing you all good. When you cover your face, especially at night, the toxins that are to be released would find it difficult and cause more skin problems. So, once in a while take time off and bare your face.

Use natural skincare products

Looking for natural ingredients, like proprietary biosphere and qusome in your beauty and skincare products is one great way to make sure you are doing the best for your skin. If no benefits, natural ingredients would never cause any serious or long-lived side-effects for your skin.

Be very regular

Being regular is a habit that everyone needs to develop with respect to everything. When it comes to skincare, it is pretty much the same. You have to set some time aside to massage your face and apply the products you invest in. While you would be flattered to notice some of the immediate results of using skincare products, the real anti-aging properties that you aim to achieve need a long time application.

These are the key habits that you can’t do without if you are planning to take care of your skin.  Problems, like anti-aging need a lot of consistency to be dealt with and no products would ever be able to promise instant and long lasting results at the same time.