Perfect hair is something that everyone wants but it is not something that can be achieved easily. People try so many things regularly to maintain their hair and make them grow to get the “perfect hair” they want.  For some people, no matter what they try, it is always impossible for them to grow their hair. They have tried many things but are not successful in growing their hair. Due to their baldness, they have to face criticism by people surrounding them who only judge people based on their looks. Everyone deserves to look good, so if you are not able to look your best just because you do not have good enough hair then you should stop worrying and start applying olive oil for hair growth now!

Can you use olive oil to grow your hair?

Olive oil is an essential oil that can be used for many different purposes. It is used for cooking, skin problems and for making your hair look better as well. If you want to get better hair then you can start applying extra virgin olive oil regularly. Extra Virgin cold-pressed olive oil has the most essential nutrients, such as Vitamin E, which is great for hair growth. It will not only make your hair grow at a faster rate but also make it shiny, beautiful, thick, strong and luscious. It moisturizes your scalp to make sure that dandruff does not get formed on your scalp which will also help in reducing hair loss.

How can you apply olive oil on your hair for growth?

If you want to use olive oil for hair growth, make sure to use extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil which has all the essential nutrients that are needed by your hair. Other types of olive oil may not work as well due to less quantity of Vitamin E being present in them. With this olive oil, you can also add a little bit of almond oil or castor oil to enhance the treatment even further. This is only optional. If you do not have any other oil, just go ahead with olive oil alone and heat it very slightly. Then massage it onto your scalp properly while making sure that you cover all the areas and do not leave any area untouched.After applying the oil, cover your head with a shower cap or any cloth for at least 3-4 hours. It is important to keep it for at least an hour otherwise it will not be able to moisturize your scalp. Then take a shower and you’re done.

So, go ahead and use olive oil for growing your hair easily now!

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With the help of theRegaine product, you can get 100% effective results, and the Regaine foam is one of the best options for you. This foam contains 5% Minoxidil which helps grow your hair and prevent hair loss problems from occurring. You have to apply 1g capful to the affected area. If you’re using extra quantity of this product, then you can get side effects.

Hair products have become a necessity. In order to preserve the health of your scalp and your hair, the use of such products became crucial. Each person has their own preference when it comes to such things. There are brands they trust over others because they feel that it can provide them with more benefits. Most hair products contain silicone. There has been a debate regarding the usefulness and the positive effects of this specific substance. Some say that this is imperative. And others have claimed that it’s the cause of long-term damage to the strands. Before you make any decision, it’s necessary to consider the known effects of using it according to experts.


Smoother and easy-to-manage hair.

One of the reasons why many companies were prompted to use silicone is because of the good effects it can provide to the user. After one use, the user has noticeably shinier hair. Many want their hair to be shinier and to look better. It’s also easier to manage it because the strands are smoother. It won’t be difficult to comb through it and style it. 

Acts as a protective layer.

The film that is silicone can protect the hairs from the different elements that can be the cause of damage. This is what individuals have observed. Since you’re constantly exposed to difficulties and a lot of damaging elements, you must take the proper steps to properly protect your hair from irreparable damage. 


 beauty silicone free haircare

The protective layer becomes an impenetrable barrier.

This specific situation causes the “built-up effect”. Because the substance can’t easily be dissolved in water, the layers keep on adding. And the barrier becomes thicker. This causes the hair strands to be thicker and heavier. It will also be impossible for the vitamins and the needed minerals to penetrate the strands. The use of specific products for the betterment of your hair condition will be useless because of the silicone build-up. 

Silicone causes hair to dry longer.

The element causes the hair to dry longer. As a result, most women will use hair dryer which has the potential to damage the strands because of the heat. Even if you air-dry your hair, it’s still more prone to breakage. It’s more brittle because your tresses are exposed to water. 

It seals the scalp as well.

The element isn’t just something that will create a film-like barrier for the strands. It’s also going to create a barrier for the scalp. And the more build-up happens, the more your hair won’t be able to acquire the type of minerals it requires. You won’t be able to guarantee the health of your scalp and hair because of this.

Considering beauty silicone free haircare can be a good thing for people who are highly concerned about the welfare of their hair. While it’s true that there are different benefits to using products that are incorporated with silicone, you can’t count off the fact that it’s also very detrimental. If want to effectively decide, try to consider the right choices and properly consider your own needs. Once you’re set, you’ll be able to determine if this is really necessary or not. And you can decide how to purchase.