Making the right choice can mean distinguishing between good oral health and decayed teeth, so you must consider it wisely. For more anxious patients, finding a good dentist can help alleviate anxiety and turn a daunting visit into one of pleasure and peace of mind. Below are tips to help you find the best doctor for your dental needs.

Contact your insurance agent.

If you have a dental plan, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance agent. Some agencies only work with specific networks, so your options may be limited depending on your coverage. Staying in your network can also give you additional benefits, such as reduced co-pays, so check with your networks before making an appointment.


If you are planning to move, ask your dentist for a recommendation. Your friends, family, neighbors, and even your local pharmacist may already have someone in mind for you. Other patients can help determine your potential candidate’s price, style, and personality. Also, like other professions, dentists rely heavily on personal recommendations, so take advantage of this and ask before making a final decision.

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Contact a dental association.

Making informed decisions is always the best way to go when looking for a new chicago dentist. The website contains information about local dental societies where you can easily find recommendations. Some websites allow patients to post reviews of their personal experiences. They can be helpful for some reasons, but never trust the advice of a single review. Instead, combine multiple reviews to weigh the other pros and cons you might find while searching.

Schedule an exam

Diligence, research, and recommendations are always helpful, but you only know for sure once you schedule your exam. Personal experience is the best way to evaluate a future dentist. Ask questions and make mental notes about the cleanliness of the office, talk to assistants, and most importantly, ask senior doctors about their use of technology.

Weigh it!

Even after choosing an option, you must check the location and accessibility. Is the office close to work? Are you open on weekends? What about emergency preparedness? If your decision is okay after answering these questions, you’ve found the right clinic.


Consider these tips when looking for other oral specialists, such as orthodontics or periodontists. Check with your insurance company to ensure your new doctor is in their network and accepts your coverage. Also, talking to your assistant about the fine print of your contract will help both of you better understand your new relationship.