Singapore has a robust healthcare system in place, making the industry one of the best in the world. The healthcare system in Singapore is looked upon by the ministry of health, the government of Singapore. The government runs this system smoothly but public-funded. Some private players are present in the picture, making the Singaporean health sector more diverse. Because of how much the country values health and well-being in Singapore, a clinic near me gives several results. The healthcare sector of Singapore is publicly-funded via healthcare schemes like Medishield Life, Medisave, Medifund. In the case of the private players, the government oversees the costs without much intervention.

  1. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital 

JCI accredits it because of the incredible structure in place. The hospital has 333 beds and separate ICU units and endoscopy beds. The operating rooms are separated based on neurological, cardia, and orthopedic operating rooms. The emergency department has proved to be an asset over the years as they have treated many accident and emergency cases. They provide safes, wardrobes, sofa-cum-beds for family members, and more facilities.

  1. Farrer Park Hospital 

Apart from being among the top hospitals in Singapore, it is recognized internally as they host many patients from other countries. Tourists who need medical care provide many facilities apart from meticulous treatment. These include airport transport, accommodation, meals of choice, interpreters, local SIM, TV in the rooms, and more. Hence, they combine healthcare with hospitality.

best emergency facilities

  1. Gleneagles Hospitals 

It is a JCI-accredited hospital with a robust infrastructure in place. They have 270+ beds and separate maternity ward beds. They have 12 operating rooms with 40 separate beds. So, they have been operating on emergency patients alongside the scheduled ones and saving many lives. The hospital also caters to the needs of international clients as they provide several facilities like visa application, language assistance, and more.

  1. Parkway East Hospital 

The best thing about this hospital is that it addresses the emergencies like accidents and other medical conditions. If someone searches for a clinic near me in Singapore, they can see the name in the results. They have a dedicated clinic and pharmacy to help emergency patients get all their needs. Children accompanying the patients have a separate facility so that the children wouldn’t feel lonely or anxious.

Healthcare is one of the primary needs of the people of every country. Emergency wards or departments play an important role in this as they provide immediate help to those who need it the most.