A brief guide about box mods

With the popularity of e-cigarettes, box mods have gained a bigger popularity as compared to vape pens. There are some reasons for it. The first and the fore most being the ability to customize it for the kind of experience one desires. In simple, a box mod is an e-cigarette itself that is available in a box shape, but is bigger in size as it comes with a bigger battery and a customizable atomizer that is attached. With all these reasons, it obviously becomes bigger in size. With excellent features of controlling the temperature and wattage to the atomizer, along with its long battery life, most powerful box mods are sure the answer to those who suffer from battery issues with a vape.

Features of a box mod:

  1. Temperature control: It helps in adjusting the temperature of the vape as per your requirement which means you can avoid getting a hot or cold vape.
  2. Controlled wattage: This means there is possibility to control the amount of power delivered to the battery in order to heat the atomizer to heat up the e- liquid. This means you can adjust the intensity of your smoke.
  3. Detachable atomizer in the box mod gives the flexibility to choose the amount of vape and its flavor too.
  4. Sub-ohm vape: By attaching a sub OHM atomizer to its battery, one can even get a huge cloud of smoke with intense flavors.
  5. It has a high battery capacity which means a longer life and a stronger experience also.
  6. Box mod also has a digital display which shows the battery level, settings, atomizer status and even some error messages.
  7. Box mods also have a Bluetooth with a touch screen that can track usage and change settings of the box mod.
  8. These features are extremely customizable due to the PC software that they come with.

Types of box mods:

  1. Regulated and unregulated box mods

When box mods were initially discovered, they were made from snus cans, tins and even craft boxes. SO, basically anything that can hold batteries were preferred. Though the world is still using a lot of unregulated box mods, there are thousands of accidents that have been caused due to these. Hence, they should be avoided as they do not have any safety features. On the other hand, the most recent box mods that have complete safety features with customization possibility are considered regulated box mods.

  1. Parallel and series box mods: Like the name suggests, a series box mod is when 2 batteries are attached side by side, in a series and when they are constructed parallel, a box mod is called parallel box mod. In a parallel box mod, the load is distributed on all the batteries which means you are increasing the charging capacity and the limit of amperage, where as in a series box mod, all the batteries have the same load which means the voltage in increased but there is no effect on the charging capacity.


With so many options of box mods, if you are beginner and looking to buy a good box mod, then you must invest in a simple with no huge power range requirement. But if you are looking for most powerful box mods, then there are varieties of them which have good vape capacity with great flavors and are customizable as well.

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