Care for your skin well

Skin, the outermost layer of the human body, is much required to carry out a number of functions. It has a sensory system with the help of which the body can feel the touch of other objects. It protects you effectively from the external elements. You also look after it and protect from any harm. Suddenly, you notice that acne is raising its head and cannot withstand hormones that cause sebum to block pore of the skin. You cannot blame your epidermis because it cannot fight off bacteria that are in overabundance. For that reason, you need something that can make your skin kill off all those bacteria. Below are given some homemade remedies to get rid of acne.These are some of the options that can help you overcome the acne in a short span and that too at a limited cost.

  • Apple cider vinegar

It is considered as a powerhouse as its role in fighting the acne as a remedy is vivid. First of all, it fights off the bacteria which could be the cause of the problem. It is alkaline in nature due to which it balances pH of the skin. This action makes the survival of bacteria impossible to a large extent. It acts as an astringent similar to lemon juice and dries up oil that is in excess. Never overdo its use as it can dry out the skin drastically. By this, it may cause the sebaceous glands to produce in excess which can trigger an outbreak.

  • Cinnamon and honey mask

Cinnamon spicy in nature and nature of honey is sticky. In normal conditions, you would not wish to bring them close to your skin. To your amazement, the conjunction of the dual cinnamon and honey acts as a killer machine in treating acne. Cinnamon acts as an antimicrobial, so it can aid to curb the survival of the bacteria. If cinnamon leaves some unaffected, the honey has antibiotic-like properties that will wipe out the buggers.

  • Milk and honey (or yogurt)

It is thought that milk products cause acne. If applied locally it can fructify your skin tone and outbreaks. The cause counted for milk to cause acne is the presence of hormones in it. It happens only when it is ingested. On the other hand, it calms down irritation and assists to reduce redness of the skin. Yogurt can also be used as it is acidic in nature. It can act as antibacterial and fat in it gives moisture thus skin gets nourished by it.

  • Egg whites

You can easily afford egg whites that assist in minimising acne and diminishing scars caused by blemishes. As egg whites contain vitamins and proteins, they can help fight acne effectively. It helps to restore skin cells. Egg whites soak up oil that in excess by which bacteria get less space for survival.

  • Papaya

In its natural state raw papaya cures acne by removing dead cells and excessive fat of the surface of the skin. Thus, renders it smooth and soft. It is present in many beauty products, but raw one is preferable.

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