Controlling and Protecting Yourself to This Horrible Disease

If you feel and think that you or any of your family members developing addictive behaviors or addicted to an activity, substance or any objects, you may start consulting with your family doctor, a counselor, clergy person or anyone who is professional and an expert in that particular condition. Since addiction is not restricted to biochemical substances such as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine or any inhalants. It is more and more possible for people to contact a so-called behavioral addiction. Many activities like eating, gambling playing video games and even viewing pornography are specifically favorable to addiction. It is because they produce the chance for instantaneous reward.

Things and Activities that might cause you to this disease

The rapid response that happens in a gambling setting can turn fast a pastime into an obsessive pursuit of reward. It is where one cannot deliberately free from its connection from the harmful and activity result occur from missing large amounts of money to divide the relationship. Likewise, using your cell phones, making frequent texting that most of the young people nowadays do, in which they created, sent and received hundreds of text messages per day, is also a kind of addiction. The majority of the spectators compete that it has also become a serious problem now. It is because it can possibly intervene with one of the major burden of development. It can may be develop a persuasive device of impulse control.

The Different Causes of an Addictive Behaviors

Basically, there is no general agreement at all as to the causes, treatment or prevention of these addictive disorders. To give you an example to this disorientation, lots of people contemplate these addictive behaviors such as alcoholism and gambling as a kind of diseases. Somehow, others consider them as a behavior learned in reaction to the involve interplay between the environmental determinant and the hereditary factors might as well. There are also some disagreed and contended for a genetic cause of it. In fact, some researchers point out that, not the same as the most common diseases like tuberculosis, which provide a definitive cause which is a microbe. It also provides an exact medication model that everyone also agrees. Then came into a conclusion that there are no really conclusive cause or a categorical treatment method that everyone could agree for the majority of these addictive behaviors.

Is there really a treatment for this so-called disease, addictive behaviors

This lack of concurrence among the professional causes serious problems with the treatment and prevention accesses for lots of addictive behaviors. Some experts are debating and arguing whether they have to undergo a thorough frugality or controlled and a balanced use of the alcohol or any activity. Because any of it that it becomes the major focus of the individual’s life now to the expulsion of other activities that has begun to abuse and damage the person or other mentally, physically or socially considered an addicted behavior. Any individual can be one of the addicted, compulsive and dependently obsessed with anything in this world.

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