Knowing Nootropics a whole lot better

Have you ever felt that you are very tired and stressed out? Are you always busy at work and you don’t have the time to just relax and try not to think too much of something that can make your brain hurt? If that’s the case, then you need something that can give you an extra boost every day. Now, not a lot of people know that their brain also needs some type of vitamins that can really help with boost their brain functions. But the truth is, there are many kinds of brain supplements that are being sold in the market today. Sadly, some of these supplements can cause side effects if continually used for a long time.

When it comes to mind supplements, you have to look for the best. And the best supplements, according to the experts, are nootropics. These work the same way as brain stimulants, but much safer. This is the reason why most people would choose nootropic drugs over anything.  It works by enhancing your brain functions and this, in turn, will make your IQ higher. It also helps you to focus more so you can work and think properly. Nootropics are perfect for people who have certain conditions like ADHD and memory loss due to old age. You can know more about this smart drug from a lot of Nootropics Blog.

Nootropics Blog

Five important criteria you should know about

The word nootropics were coined in the year 1972 by a man named Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea who was a Romanian psychologist and chemist. He said that a substance can be called a nootropic if it meets five definite criteria. First, it must have the ability to enhance a person’s brain function and can boost their learning ability. Second, the substance should help the brain function even if it’s under disruptive conditions. The third one is that the substance must have been capable of protecting the brain from various physical and chemical assaults. Fourth, the efficacy of the control mechanisms of the cortical and subcortical parts of the brain should be increased. And the fifth one is that it should possess few or no side effects and it should be non-toxic. These are the traits that a substance must have in order for it to be called a nootropic drug.

The many natural nootropic supplements

The first nootropic was lab-made and is called Piracetam which is the most popular and is said to be the best nootropic drug to this day. But there are others who would still choose to natural substances. Several of these are Tryptophan, Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s Mane, and so much more. You can even use it together and create a Nootropic Stack so you can really get the best out of it.

Natural Nootropic Stacking

There are many examples of Nootropic Stack that you can try out but one of the most used is the L-Theanine & Caffeine Stack. It is able to boost concentration and your energy while reducing your anxiety too. This stack is perfect for those that are always stressed out and overworked. You also need to remember that natural nootropics don’t work right away. So you must give it a few weeks for you to see the difference.

Now that you know the basics of Nootropic substances, you can now decide if this is the perfect mind supplement for you. But even then, knowing more about it can really help you out in the future and will answer more of your questions. Try nootropic and reap its many awesome benefits now.

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