Pregnancy in line with conditions of the heart

During the stages of pregnancy, the cardiovascular system encounters some changes in plasma volume, vascular resistance, along with cardiac output. Pregnancy is known to stress the circulatory system and the heart, but many women who have heart conditions do go on to deliver health babies. Heart medication pregnancy is there to your rescue, but it is suggested that you be aware of the risks and how to prevent them. If you have any form of heart condition during pregnancy you are bound to need special care.

How pregnancy is going to have an impact on your heart?

As already stressed pregnancy is going to have an impact on the circulatory system along with heart. When you are pregnant the volume of blood tends to increase by 30 to 50 % so that your baby is nourished as the heart is known to pump in blood every minute and the heart beat increases. Labor coupled with the delivery syndrome is going to contribute to the load of the heart. It is all the more during the stages of labor when you will be pushing more. There is going to be sudden changes in pressure along with the flow of blood. After delivery it does take a considerable amount of time for the stress levels of the heart to be at the normal self and this is before you went on to become pregnant.

The various types of risks?

The type of risk is dependent on the severity along with nature of the condition of the heart. Let us understand more about them

1. Rhythm issues of the heart- Minor alterations are pretty common in your heart during pregnancy. It is not a cause of concern for sure. Heart medications and pregnancy is likely to be provided and this works out to be same even if you were not pregnant as well.

2. Issues of the heart valve- if you are having an artificial valve it does increase the risk of complications during the course of pregnancy. If the valve is not functioning properly you are likely to encounter trouble with the increased flow of blood that occurs during the stage of pregnancy. Coupled with the fact it also pose a risk with an infection in the inner lining of the heart or for the matter the valves of your heart.

Is medication the right choice?

Any form of medication which you are likely to take during pregnancy is going to have an impact on the baby. For example, the benefits tend to outnumber the risks on a large level. But if any form of medication is the need of the hour to control the condition of the heart, then the doctor is likely to prescribe the safest medication which should be consumed in proper dose.

The medication should be taken as per the instructions of the doctor. At no point should you stop taking the medication or for the matter adjusting the dose on your own terms or conditions.

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