5 Things to Check More About Non-nicotine Vape Now

5 Things to Check More About Non-nicotine Vape Now

Vaping is just inhaling of vapor produced by electronic devices like electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). They are portable and battery-powered. These days vaping is a hot topic igniting the biggest debates. Though nicotine is a part of e-liquid in vaping, yet smoking figure has declined like anything and hard to imagine to be reduced by any other way. Let us dive in to check more about non nicotine vape.

Vaping versus smoking: contest or not

Smoking and vaping are two separate things. Smoking means igniting with the dead plant material and inhaling the smoke – that’s dangerous! The dead plant material produces combustion products, which are devastating to your cardiovascular system, and includes more than 70 known carcinogens. Smoking can thus lead to heart diseases apart from cancer risk and affects the lungs.

Vaping, on the other hand, is known to cause no serious health damage. It allows you to reduce your nicotine intake. Choice is yours – vape a lot with no nicotine at all or vape less with big nicotine amount. Some people say they cannot vape without nicotine, while some focus vaping without nicotine to get rid of it and also there are many who vape just for fun and enjoy the flavors.

Though vaping is vaping, it is a big tool in your hand to say goodbye to the demon nicotine.

Vaping history

The use of vape dates back to 440 BC and was thus named as ancient vaping. A Greek historian, Herodotus, was the first to mention the vape use. In 1542 AD, hookah invention was a key step that led to the development of modern vaporizer. The big development was the introduction of the basic anatomy of vaporizer by a Korean war veteran, Herbert Gilbert, in 1960 for which he received a patent. The vaping culture came in 1980s and 1960s when first portable vaporizer named Eagle Bill’s Shake & Vape Pipe was introduced by Frank William Wood. Not to stop by, the invention of modern e-cigarette made Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, the father of modern vaping. In the late 2000s, the commercial sale of e-cigarette started and is rising today.

non nicotine vape

Pros of non-nicotine vaping

  1. A smoother vaping experience
  2. Less throat hit and reduces associated health risks
  3. Try out exciting flavors
  4. Stay off the stink
  5. Save money
  6. Gain your health and feel better
  7. Stay custom fit
  8. Choose your own flavors and styles

Vaping: past or future

Vaping holds different meanings to different people. Nicotine is addiction and realizing this, many folks do not see smoking as a symbol of celebration and inhaling vapor – be it flavors – and consider it as a weakness and a sign of moral deficiency.

For smokers and who want to quit smoking, vaping without nicotine is the only thing that can help. Various studies show that vaping mimics smoking and if you wish to quit smoking then you have to trick yourself with vaping as a quick replacement. In addition, there are reports which reveal that non-nicotine vaping has actually helped people in getting rid of their smoking habits and desires. Non-nicotine vaping is available in different flavors and different devices – keeping your vaping desire healthy and alive.

Your choice: nicotine or no nicotine

The more the scientists are discovering about the vapors, the harder is becoming to decide whether inhaling the nicotine-free vapors poses no dire health risks. But vaping poses advantages to those trying to quit smoking. It is a beneficial switch. Vaping will prevent you from chronic and deadly diseases.

Vaping is based on harm-reduced and dependence-free experience. With honest scientific research and manufacturing regulations, e-juices can be improved in terms of safety and reliability. The future of non-nicotine vaping is an attainable process, whether or not consumers consider it as the best option for themselves.

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