Getting to know about pregnancy bladder infections

infection treatments during pregnancy

At times, bladder infections are known as UTI or urinary tract infections. These are commonly found in patients and are considered to be harmless. But they cannot be termed to be STDs and is not a contagious disease that it will be infected from the others suffering from it. The fact is bladder infections are quite painful and also uncomfortable. But, they are very much easily treatable and will vanish away after some time. It does not leave behind any type of lasting side effects or pose any real danger to the person infected with the same. As such infections are regarded to be harmless and common, pregnant women in huge numbers do not know about the hazards that have to be faced with untreated infections.

Some symptoms

Prior to undertaking research about bladder infection dangers, it is essential to know about the symptoms that come with it, so as to get immediate infection treatments during pregnancy. Often, bladder infections are accompanied by urgent need for urination and stinging pain is felt during this time. The urgency to pee is felt every now and then, but only small urine amount is released every time, accompanied by intense pain. At times, blood in small amounts may be noticed in the urine, thus giving it that pinkish color. Urine also will appear cloudy and smell very bad.

Infections in the pregnant woman

If this type of infection is not treated on time, then it may enter into the kidney, thus getting converted into kidney infection and bladder infections in pregnancy. The former can be all the more painful and may include flu like symptoms like nausea, fever and chills. Patients suffering from kidney infections are likely to feel sharp pains arising from their backs, on both or one side of the area, where kidneys are located. Although uncomfortable, kidney infections can be quite harmless and can be treated completely.

infection treatments during pregnancy

Pregnant women suffering from kidney infections can face dangers of premature labor and increased chances of losing their baby. Hence, the qualified ob/gyns are likely to conduct tests of the urine to check bacteria during initial prenatal visit. In case, bacteria are identified, then mild anti-biotic will be provided to clear it up. Pregnant women might face commonly reoccurring bladder infections. In case, the person is affected by UTI or bladder infection, then there is no reason to panic. It is only when infections hits the kidney region that it becomes dangerous.

Some precautions to be taken for avoiding bladder infections

  • Drinking plenty of water can help to frequently urinate and also discourage bacteria growth in the bladder region. Every time the bathroom is visited, it is to be wiped front to back. Back to font wiping should never be practiced as bacteria present in rectal region could get into urethra. The vaginal area is to be kept dry and clean to discourage growth of bacteria.
  • Cranberries can also helps to discourage bacteria growth as it makes urine to become highly acidic.

The knowledgeable physician will provide proper treatment and explanation of what is to be done and avoided.

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