How to Install a Toilet Seat Riser?

How to Install a Toilet Seat Riser

When you are trying to create a safe and secure bathroom environment for your elderly or for the disabled ones, something that you must not overlook is toilet seat riser. One of the common problems for many elderly people or the disabled ones is the ability to use a normal toilet.

Most toilets sit at a height where an individual needs to bend their knees and hips in order to sit down. Here, a toilet seat riser is known to lift the height of the normal toilet seat by certain inches making it easier for someone to use with joint problems. Also, toilet seat riser not only allows people to ease themselves out on a higher seat, in fact, it also provides them with a sense of independence with the product which is very easy to clean.

Some toilet seat riser lifts the entire toilet at once. However, they need more work and money. The most common toilet seat riser cam easily is bought from the most medical supply stores or even from the larger grocery or departmental stores. In this article, we will explain how to install a toilet seat riser effectively

toilet seat riser

  • Eradicate the Toilet Seat

A toilet seat riser requires a level and tight fit in order to retain its safety and hygienic properties. The original toilet seat is attached by a series of screws. Locate the toilet seat hinges behind the current toilet seat. The screws of the hinges are often covered by a cap. Use the screwdriver to pry the caps from the toilet seat hinges.

Remember, a toilet seat riser needs a proper level and tight fit so as to retain its safety as well as hygienic properties. The toilet seat is attached by a series of screws. So, try to locate the toilet seat hinges behind the seat. Then use the screwdriver to pry the caps or the screws from the toilet seat hinges. Some plumbers tend to use silicone in order to seal the hinges of the toilet seat. In such a case, you can always use a utility knife to cut the silicone from the toilet seat.  Once you are done with the screws and silicone, you can easily lift the toilet seat from the base

  • Affix the Toilet Seat Riser

The great thing about a toilet seat riser is that it is very easy to install. They fit on every toilet very easily. All you need to do is just install the clips under the lip of the toilet bowl and then place the toilet seat riser on the top of the bowl and align the clips. Now, push the seat down until it gets locked.

  • Attach the Lid

Now, using a screwdriver to remove the hinges from your old toilet seat, here you will only require the lid. Lift the hinges on the toilet seat riser and screw the lid into the place.

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