Knee joint and it’s complications

The knee joint is one of the hundreds of joints of a human body. It is a synovial type of joint which suggests that it is a movable and allows movements of the bones attached to it. The synovial joints have fluid inside the joint cavity, which is known as the synovial fluid and this fluid allows the joint to be movable without causing any kind of friction. This synovial fluid is secreted by the cells inside the joint cavity. These cells often die off with time and then their many complications occur. Pain and inflammation of joints are a common symptom in which there is absence or if present in very less quantity of the fluid. Medically this joint is called as tibiofemoral joint and knee joint is the informal name of this joint which is joining the tibia and the femur. There is another bone which is forming the knee joint; this bone is known as patella. It is an irregular bone which forms the protruding part of the knee that you can feel when you touch your knee. It is triangular in shape and is fixed to the front of the knee joint.

The knee joint is often considered the strongest joint in the human body. It is also one of the most functional joints as it transfers the body weight to the ground properly and helps you carry around you, it also allows movements like running, sitting, walking and even standing. So this is a vital joint of the human body which lets the people perform daily chores of the life. It is a hinge joint which allows multi-directional movement.

A list of top knee surgeons in India lets you know whom to contact when you have any kinds of knew problems, be it the injury from a sudden fall and also in chronic knee pain cases. Usually, the old people are suffering from various problems related to the joints. The knee arthritis is one of the commonest diseases affecting the older age group. Often due to their old age, non-surgical procedures are considered first. A knee replacement surgery is the last option. After each option has been tried and if even after all the procedures no positive result has arisen then comes the alternative of a total knee replacement surgery. The knee can be replaced with the knee of a cadaver or a synthetic knee can be replaced in the body of recipient, whichever method is available. The prosthetic knee is often made by metal or a very durable plastic which is commonly known as polyethene. After knee replacement surgery, many activities are not allowed such as jogging. A lot of time, rest and treatments of physiotherapy is done to the patient. Sometimes, a bone marrow or stem cell transplant is done to facilitate a fast healing process. A fast healing process will let the patient get back to the normal lifestyle faster. It is done in the sportsperson who has to undergo knee surgery due to some kind of injury.

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