The Hard facts About CBD and Pain Management

CBD oils

Pain is a feeling of discomfort. Over the years this is one of the most challenging adversity that even healthcare providers and finding it hard to manage. For the reason, that pain is a very subjective experience and will solely depend on a person’s pain tolerance. And the only way to measure pain is thru the method called pain scale. It’s simplified in rating like 1 being the mildest pain and 10 being the worst kind of pain.

Over the years, the means of managing pain had been a mix of drugs, home remedies, and alternative medicine. Drugs like paracetamol, ibuprofen, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs), morphine. Home remedies like cold compress and alternative medicines like meditation, acupuncture and many more. One of the things that people are also looking into is the all natural pain remedies.

Legal concerns:

One of which is this pain remedy that comes from cannabis and other similar plants like it.  Although in countries where this is already accepted, legal, already had a ton of studies under its name and not to mention the positive effects by this drug. There are still countries and states that marks this as illegal, including its by-products. This is the reason why it’s potential can’t be felt worldwide.

What is THC and CBD:

CBD oils

Cannabis plant has 2 main components, that made this plant addicting and healthy. Maily Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). While THC is responsible for that downer effect that pot smokers so love to take, CBD is all about the soothing effects of the plant that has a very effective pain relieving properties and are widely known as CBD oils. These oils will be used in various preparations like creams and used externally to treat pain.

CBD Uses:

These are popularly called CBD topicals. It’s aromatic, highly effective pain remedy that provides this soothing effect and not to mention good for the skin. It has been considered as an all natural alternative to the synthetic medication that most people take nowadays.

But of course, if your country or state still hasn’t legalized cannabis and the use of its by-products, you will have to wait for it to be legalized or go to places that are already promoting its use. It’s ideal for:

  • Fresh bruises
  • Aches
  • Relief from pain caused by arthritis
  • Promotes healing on a brand new tattoo site

Pain is a subjective perception of discomfort that will challenge any expert. This is because subjective cues are not measurable. That is why a simple pain scale has been devised in order to give healthcare providers an idea of what proper interventions should be taken. Pain management is often a mixture of various interventions like medicines, house remedies, and alternative medicines. But there is one that should be added to the mix, that is if it’s legal in that specific place to be taken of course. Oils derived from CBD offers this refreshing alternative to the already overused pain management that people have gotten so used to. If you need a good CBD oil product, there is one sold in Evergreen Lotus, buy yours today

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