Various Types of Home Squat Racks and Their Features

Squats as an exercise in an important part of workouts as it provides strength to various muscles and parts of the body. Squats are all the more important to fit and build a strong body. As beneficial as these squats are, there are various risks involved in them. Improper mechanism to do squats can lead to various injuries and accidents can happen with them. To prevent any of these injuries and accidents you can use the power racks or squat racks. These racks can help you place the heavy rods and dumbbells safely on the pins and prevent any kind on injuries and accidents.

There are a few differences in the squat rack power racks. The squat racks are open from all sides while a power rack is similar to a cage. Although the core function of both of them is same, the power racks are more versatile than the squat racks. The home squat racks are used in homes for setting up a private gym and today it has become an essential part of a workout routine of not only powerlifters but also regular and occasional gym enthusiasts.

Below are the four types of power cages and squat racks from which you can choose:

  1. Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack: if you are looking for versatility and that too at a lower price, this is the equipment that you can go for. It can be used as both a professional squat rack at gyms or as a home squat rack. This rack comes with four storage pegs that can handle the weight and make the rack stable and sturdy. It comes with 2 pins that are installed in the cage for safety.
  2. Titan fitness power rack: this cage can handle the weights up to 317 kilograms or 700 pounds. Known for its use in homes the titan fitness power rack is suitable for almost every powerlifter. The most important feature of this cage is that it comes at a low price yet has various distinct and unique features.
  3. Valor Athletics BD-6: well, if you are looking for a good and affordable home squat rack then this is the equipment to go for. More importantly, it can be adjusted according to five different heights. The maximum capacity of these racks has been found to be more than 500 pounds or 227 kilograms. The bottom base of the rack is made strong with the help of two solid steel bars which provide it the much-needed stability and strength.
  4. Valor Fitness BD-9: these are the old school classic home squat racks which can be used not only for squats but also for bench presses and pull-ups. The height of these stands can be adjusted to reach a maximum of 6 feet and 5 inches and the maximum amount of weight that it can hold is 500 pounds or approximately 227 kilograms.

It is highly recommended that you choose the right equipment for your work out and exercising needs. As an inadequate power rack may not fulfill your needs and also will not allow to build a strong body.

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