What Is the Real Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

A few cannabis-related questions can create quite a controversy and debate on what is the major difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil? The confusion, however, lays in the word HEMP, which is a type of marijuana, that’s highly beneficial for several recreational and health-related purposes.

In this write-up, we will separate hemp oil from CBD oil! We will also provide information on why the word hemp is incorrect as a marijuana product. Let’s get started:

Understanding the Term -Hemp Oil

Well, in simpler words- Hemp oil is a product extracted from a plant called hemp. Also, in other words, it’s hemp which is obtained from the seeds of the plants. Also, this oil can be easily obtained from all plants available in the cannabis genus, whereas industrial hemp is the plant only used for extracting the hemp oil. However, the industrial hemp is highly psychoactive and contains other substances at minimal.

Known Uses of Hemp Oil:

  • This oil is considered great for cooking and is full of nutrients. Hemp oil offers you a nutty taste and can be a perfect replacement for other oils used in salads.
  • You can also use it as a natural moisturizer and apply it on your body after a shower.
  • Hemp oil can also be used as a base for several types of plastic, instead of petroleum.
  • It’s highly eco-friendly, especially when compared to the petroleum-based products.
  • It can also be used a bio-diesel just like other vegetable oils.

Understanding the Term- CBD Oil

CBD oil is said to be the short form of cannabidiol oil. Talking about cannabidiol- it’s a natural element of cannabis or industrial hemp. The cannabidiol oil is cannabis oil which has a high concentration of S. African Kwazulu Regular Seeds. It’s made up of elements like stalks, flowers, and more of hemp, and is not extracted from the seeds just like hemp oil. This oil has become quite popular in the medical industry due to the reason that it can be helpful in treating some really severe conditions without causing any intoxicating side effects.

Known Uses of CBD Oil:

  • This oil is used as a primary component in treating cancer.
  • CBD oil is also used in treating conditions like anxiety, seizures, inflammation, and other related disorders.
  • It can also be used in treating epilepsy.

The Considerable Differences Between Hemp Oil andCBD Oil

Well, the marijuana and hemp are the close relatives in the world of plants. But, marijuana tends to contain a high concentration of THC when compared with hemp. The Hemp oil also contains a lower concentration of CBD levels- generally less than 25 parts per million. Whereas, CBD oil has higher levels of CBD – let’s say 15-20%.

Which one will you choose? If you still need help deciding, you can check the website and make an informed choice.

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