Why CBD Is The Future Of Painkillers

Why CBD Is The Future Of Painkillers

Marijuana is a herb, it is a downer that has various medicinal properties. Aside from helping people relax, it’s also a very effective pain reliever that many people are exploring as an alternative to other pain treatments. This wasn’t possible before due to the legalities that concern marijuana but now as more states are slowly legalizing it, it became apparent that many people are already seeing that it’s actually good if utilized properly.

Weed can essentially be broken down in two, CBD and TCH. While both combined are what many people are taking as a lifestyle choice, breaking it into two components puts a whole new dynamic to the definition of how marijuana can be good for you. While TCH is a reason why many people love marijuana so much, CBD is what many people are using for medical purpose and the results are pretty amazing because it’s very effective. So since the focus is pain management, CBD should be the focus today.

CBD oil for pain

What is Cannabidiol and why is it good? CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound that was made from marijuana or S. African Kwazulu Regular Seeds. It’s what people take when they talk about medical marijuana. Essentially it’s the same marijuana, processed without the psychoactive effects that THC in which marijuana in general are known very much for. It has a number of uses and you can find them below:

  • For pain relief
  • Anti inflammatory effects
  • For epilepsy
  • May help fight cancer
  • Helps relieve anxiety
  • Helps manage type 1 diabetes
  • Helps reduce anxiety disorders
  • Help manage acne
  • Helps manage Alzheimer’s disease

The best CBD oils in the market: CBD oil for pain relief has always been what CBD was popular for. It’s expected that as more states will legalize marijuana, there will be more people that will explore the whole ecosystem of it in its whole, leading to more marijuana-based products that can help better the lives of many people. Right now there are a few CBD oils that are well known in the market for its effectivity and they are found below:

  • CBDPure 600
  • Cannabidiol Life 3000mg
  • Receptra Pro 4000mg
  • Avid Hemp 1000mg
  • SOL CBD 3600mg

The good news: I has been recently announced by some pharmaceutical companies that they are developing painkillers for marijuana. Although it’s still not FDA approved, this has been “the go” for various countries and some people are planning to make this as the better replacement for opioid.

  • It’s not addictive as an opioid
  • The body doesn’t develop a tolerance for CBD
  • It’s a very effective painkiller

Marijuana is a herbal medicine that had been used by many countries for many years now and as more people are slowly seeing the true benefits of marijuana aside from its “high”, people are rooting for it to be “the next best thing” that will replace some harmful drugs in the future like an opioid. Thanks to the discovery of CBD, many people are seeing now that marijuana is not all that bad, in fact, it’s good for you and indeed it’s proving to be a promising remedy in the near future.

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