Why Is Anavar So Popular Among Men and Women?

Why Is Anavar So Popular Among Men and Women

There are hardly a handful of steroids that are useful for both men and women. Generally, steroids are tailor-made for males because it is a synthetic version of natural testosterone. Women tend to avoid them because they impart manly characteristics like deepening of the voice, baldness, physical changes and what not. But Anavar is one of the exceptional steroids that females use a lot due to the least virilization issues as side effects. Apart from Anavar, there are various other steroids for sale like Winstrol that work perfectly in both the genders.

Thins To Know About Anavar

Benefits – Anavar is a multipurpose steroid that helps to retain lean muscle mass during the cutting cycle, enhance the fat burning process and boost athletes’ performances. It is considered to be the safest women steroid in its lot. It is not so good for the bulking cycle as it does not help in gaining massive muscles. One of the most important uses of Anavar is to get rid of water retention or at least lower it. Even though women like to grow their muscles with proper diet chart and intense workout plans, they will have fat stored in their body with will not go away easily. Instead of using Winstrol in the cutting cycle can do the magic. You can buy authentic steroids for sale online through McSteroids.am.

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Anavar is a non-aromatizing steroid and hence, it is so safe for women. It has very little androgenic property which is visible only when the dosage is really high. Some women have reported seeing rapid weight gain when they used Anavar in the bodybuilding cycle. The steroid goes straight to the liver after consumption and then it reaches the bloodstream but in the process, it turns the liver more toxic.

Dosage- Knowing the benefits and side effects are not enough. Every steroid has a recommended dosage beyond which the steroid can become the silent killer. Never abuse the drug because the results will be fatal. As for Winstrol, the daily dosage take be between 205 to 50 mg. It is better to start with the lower range limit and slowly move up to end it by 7 weeks. Women can use it in the bulking cycle as well along with cutting cycle with the dosage range of 5 to 10 mg but for men, it is only suitable for cutting fat. Do not copy the advanced and experienced professionals who take as much as 80 mg per day and their body can sustain such a big amount for the most part of the day.

Anavar is a mild steroid which means it will take time to see the outcome. Furthermore, you should never take Anavar alone because its side effects can affect you. Instead, you can use it to stack with exogenous testosterone, Trenbolone, Proviron and likewise. Women can stack with DecaDurabolin or Primobolan for a perfect result. Apart from these, there are various other stacks possible. The side effects are limited when it is taken within the recommended level. Some of the side effects are skin color change, headache, nausea, hair and even acne.

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