Would you consider it safe to douche during the tenure of pregnancy?

Close to somewhere in the region of 15 % to 45 % in the US have admitted to douche vaginal. This rate does increase all the more when it is American African women. Not only it makes them fresh but in the process you do get rid of unpleasant smell. You could say that it does wash away the menstrual blood once the period is over, chances of pregnancy eradicate after along with the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. As per health experts vaginal douching is not at all effective for these purposes. It does go on to increase the chances of infection, health problems along with other diseases.

In French terminology Douching means to wash or soak. You could term it as a mixture to wash your vagina and this would be with water or vinegar. Most of the douches that you come across in the stores are known to contain fragrances. The douche is available in a bottle and you do spray it upwards towards the vagina.

Can a pregnant women douche and in the overall context the risks tends to offset the benefits.

  • Vaginal infections- the moment you douche it goes on have an impact on the natural levels of bacteria in the vagina. What it does is that leads to the formation of an environment where bacteria are known to thrive. If a woman stopped to douche it would lead to a higher chance of vaginal infections. This does increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases along with infections
  • PID- You could term it as an infection of the uterus or the ovaries. It has been found that women who douche have a higher chance of PID and in terms of figures is at 73 %.
  • Complications in pregnancy- women who are known to douche once in a week have less chance of becoming pregnant then women who do not douche. The rate of ectopic pregnancy increases by as high as 76 % when you douche. When an ectopic pregnancy occurs, an implantation does take place outside the uterus. More a woman is into douching the greater chance of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Cervical cancer- if you are into douching once in a week it does increase the chances of cervical cancer.

Now coming to the real question it is worthwhile to douche? If you consider the inputs of health experts a lady should not douche. But at the same time some amount of vaginal odour is ok. But if the odour is on the higher side it would point to a chance of infection. The vagina tends to be acidic and this is going to control the bacteria in a natural way.

It is desirable on how to clean the vagina. From the outside of it you can clean it by warm water. This is the case mostly done. From the inside you can allow it to clean by the process of mucus. The key is to achieve a balance between good and bad bacteria levels.

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