CBD e liquids

Electronic cigarettes for smoking use cartridges filled with liquids containing cigarette-flavored nicotine. However, there are some inherent problems associated with preloaded cartridges and, therefore, many people now turn to empty cartridges, as well as electronic liquids.

The problem with the cartridges

There are some problems with preloaded cartridges used in electronic cigarettes. Some of these problems are as follows.

  • It is not known exactly how many cigarettes a cartridge can fill. Although some suppliers claim that there are actually 20 of them, they consume fewer cigarettes.
  • Nicotine cartridges may leak and some liquids may be lost, which makes the cartridge not economical.
  • The cartridge provides all kinds of electronic cigarettes, it doesn’t care about the damage after sending it.

Loss ratio

Therefore, when the end user receives a preloaded cartridge, they may find that the content is no longer suitable for many cigarettes. In fact, in most cases, the rest is suitable for cigarettes only in the range of 4-10. In addition, If the concentration of nicotine is lower, the content will fill even fewer cigarettes. Again, when the concentration of nicotine is lower, the user will pull the cigarette harder and more frequently, which means that the number of cigarettes will be reduced even more.

Thirds problem

Preloaded cartridges also have other problems

  • A problem is the problem of thirds. When such cartridges are used to quit electronic cigarettes, only the first two thirds can be used.
  • The atomizer cannot access the last third of the cartridge, and anything in this part will remain unused forever.

CBD e liquids

Drying problems

But the problems with the preloaded cartridges do not end there, and there are other problems. One of the main problems with preloaded cartridges for any type of electronic cigarette is that it dries easily. Such cases occur due to contact with air.

Although preloaded cartridges are not bad and many are of high quality, these are some of their inherent problems.


A convenient alternative is the e-liquid, which is used today by most electronic cigarette smokers in cbd e liquids. Filling empty cartridges with dripping liquids is an economical alternative to preloaded cartridges.

The use of electronic liquids in all types of electronic cigarettes is easy and convenient. Once the cartridge is used up, it should not be thrown away, but stored as an empty cartridge to be filled with electronic liquid. To distinguish an empty cartridge from a full one, the user can throw a protective plastic shell.

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