Things to Know about Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell therapy

As individuals, we are all facing different health issues and suffering from mild to severe pains. Other people are even in a critical condition, while some are not even aware that they are already carrying a disease that will cause a burden to their life. Well, as a patient, you are surely hoping and believing that scientists and medical experts had been searching for a cure to a specific disorder, no matter how serious it is. I also know that you will take all the risk and try the most effective treatment available in the most exclusive hospitals.

One of which is the SCT, where a stem cell is used to treat diseases or disorders. I know that you are wondering about what this treatment is all about and how can this help you. Well, you can always visit the experts for a consultation, to find out if this works on your condition. You should have known that scientists and doctors had been studying and researching for years about how this medical procedure can be very effective. There is no doubt that a lot of patients would consider this as a great alternative to other surgical procedures.

stem cell therapy

That is why, if you are suffering from various diseases and disorders, then give SCT a try. With this therapy, the experts will have to use your very own stem cells in treating your condition. Remember that we have hospitals and clinics with the most advanced technologies. Therefore, performing this would be very fast and easy. And of course, this would be successful through the aid of a professional’s expertise, too. Now, before deciding to push this step, it would be great to learn more about it.

What are Stem Cells?

Medical experts believe that adult, embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells are capable of developing into various types of cells – muscle, red blood and brain. They repair and replenish tissues in the body as well. It is because they are naturally rich in growth factors, which also supports healing and reduces inflammation. It has the ability to transform and divide with special functions. You can find these in different body parts, but mostly in one’s bone marrow – visit this site to find out more why it is related to this transplant.

So, it is aspirated from here through a special centrifuge and then, injected to the injured part of the body. This will later on strengthenin its own effort. Through this, inflammation is reduced, healing will go faster, scarring is prevented and function won’t be lost.

Do you know that scientific research on the use of this procedure as well as ASC, ESC and IPS still continues? It is because of a few good reasons that researchers had been considering. First, of course, this may lead to a good cause and that is to cure diseases. Second, the experts will be able to study more on how it functions in the body. Lastly, it will lead to the probability that it can be used in therapies or transplants today and in the future.Well, this is good for a better and fastest cure to any disease as technology advances. However, you need to learn more from,especially about the ASC.


One type is the Embryonic or ESC, which are established protocols that are good in maintaining and growing for a year and even more in the culture. However, processing an ESC is inefficient because there is no assurance, if it will be rejected or not when used during the transplant. I guess, they need to study and research further regarding the development of this process, where it’s from and what it can do.The use of Adult or ASC has already been confirmed in different clinical applications. This only shows that there is a possibility to use it for transplant and reprogramming. However, there is difficulty when it comes to finding this in the tissues because it is usually less in quantity. And then, the technology is not enough to generate it in larger quantities and grown it for a long period. It might be a success, but in my opinion, more time must be spent and conducted on research and study of this type.


We also have the Induced Pluripotent or IPS. Here, a donor’s rich somatic cells could be used. They can also avoid the histocompatibility issues with the recipient or donor for the transplant. But sometimes, there is no guarantee when it comes to the maintenance and reproduction because of unsure and differentiated tissues. Practitioners need to gather more info about IPS because it gives people hope. Anyway, if it is for developing drugs as well as reprogramming processes, then it would be very helpful.

stem cell therapy

The Side Effects

Again, let me remind you that people may be experiencing the same diseases and disorders. However, every individual is facing different levels of suffering due to various health conditions. The same thing is true for every patient, who will undergo this kind of therapy. You may be going to the same treatments or transplants, but procedures done may differ, depending on one’s findings.

Some of you may be experiencing side effects because of the type as well as the dosage of the chemotherapy or conditioning drugs and radiation dosage that are used before starting the transplant.The negative effects may also depend on the type of transplant performed, how good the match is, your overall health or condition and your age as well. Even cancer patients are aware about these side effects listed at

You should know well that SCT is a really complex procedure. I supposed, you are aware that there would always be a side effect for whatever type of treatment you will undergo. You are lucky, if you can only experience short-term side effects because this will just last for the first hundred days after the procedure. While others may even suffer from a long-term and it will be experienced for more than 100 days. Normally, you need 6-12 months before your body gets well. It is even usual to feel fatigue, nausea, vomiting and even temporary hair loss, which is due to the radiation received before the SCT.

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