Is It Worth To Do The Most Popular Beauty Treatments: Botox And Coolsculpting?

Medicine and technology moved so far since the last century. Today, doctors and scientists working together made it possible for us to do almost everything we put our minds too.

Everyone knows that the problem with obesity and body fat is a serious issue, especially in the US. Over 50% of the population struggles with problems like these. However, medicine offers a solution that is pretty simple to solve the problem. It’s called CoolSculpting.

What is CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting treatments are pretty easy to do. They take only about an hour of procedure and the results are great. What is happening is that the treatment uses freezing techniques to break down fat cells. There’s no need for recovery time because no damage was done to the body.

Over a period of 4-6 months, the fat cells will be slowly leaving the body decreasing their amount inside us for up to 20%. This may not sound like much, but remember that these cells are essential for the work of the organs inside and it’s not smart to completely destroy them.

This is a much better option than the competing liposuction because it leaves no scars, no damage is done, and there’s almost no chance for something to go wrong while doing it and after the procedure.

Is it dangerous?

A lot of people worry about it because they are not aware of what is happening while they are in the clinic or practice. However, everyone should know that this is something that has absolutely no side effects worth mentioning.

An analysis from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal noted that the chance to experience any discomfort is lower than 1%. From 1445 people surveyed, only 12 said that they felt a problem. These 12 complained about bruising, strange sensitivity on the place where the work was done, red skin, swelling, and localized pain. See the analysis here.

The best thing about it is that no one has to experience any serious medical undertake, such as dissection, taking pills, or anesthesia. This is a painless procedure or at least something that can be tolerated by everyone. It’s not scary, nor need the patients do anything special before going to the clinic or the doctor’s practice.

How Does Botox work?

Botox is inserting a toxin that treats the nerves inside the body. What it does is blocking the nerves to send signals to the muscles. This is most important for people’s faces where this communication between nerves and muscles can leave a permanent trail in the form of wrinkles.

There are two ways to successfully solve this problem. The first one is prevention and the second one is completely blocking the receptors. The first method is best used before the age of 30 when the face still looks young and intact.

The second is best done after the age of 40 when the damages are already highly visible and the correction will make the face look fresh even though the muscles are actually completely prevented from reacting. This will make people unable to show a natural smile and the facial reactions are looking different than the standard.

Unlike the previous method that we talked about, the Botox is a much more complicated procedure and can be dangerous if it is not performed by a true professional. If inserted in large doses, the toxin can even be deadly.

However, there’s no need to panic or worry because the amounts for this to happen need to be huge compared to what people use. After a few months, the procedure needs to be done again because the toxin dissolves and leaves the body letting the face do its natural way of functioning again. See more on Botox here:


With these two procedures, people all around the world boost confidence and feel better because they look better after the treatments. They are painless and almost risk-free, so everyone is safe to do them. They don’t require any special post-procedure treatments and there’s no need for doing anything special afterward.

The effects are obvious and people get the most of it. They look better and feel better because of it. If you hesitate about doing it, our answer is – go ahead.

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