Know About Cancer Genetic Test in Hong Kong

Cancer Genetic Test Hong Kong

Cancer isthe uncontrolled growth of abnormal cell destroys the tissue in the body. Abnormal cells are also said as cancel cells.Mutations play an important role in the development of cancer. Mutations are the changes in genes. More than 100 types ofcancer have been known to date. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the treatments for cancer which also give some side effects.

Genetic Cancer Testing

Genetic is the field of science studies that how traits transfer from one generation to the other generation. Cancer genetic test Hong Kong is also referred to as DNA testing. It may be done with the help of a sample of blood, hair or any other body tissue. Genetic testing is the medical test for looking at the mutations in a person’s genes. Genetic testing helps to evaluate the chances of developingcancer in your body. It does this by estimating the changes in the genes, chromosomes, or proteins. Tests are available for many types of cancer which include Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, thyroid cancer and many.

Genetic testing helps in the prediction of disease and also provides the information to guide health care. A test can help to diagnose the condition. Those who have the background of cancer within the family members must consider the test.

Cancer Genetic Test Hong Kong

How it is done?

Firstly, the sample of fluid is taken and then it is sent to a laboratory that specializes in genetic testing. The laboratory returns the test to the person who requested it. It takes several weeks or a month to get the results. The genetic test can give several results such as positive, negative, uninformative, or benign variant results.

Research is ongoing for better results to detect and treat cancer. Most of the cancer does not have any family history such as Breast cancer but we can’t say that all the breast cancer patients do not have a history. Some have a huge family background.

Circulating tumor cells

Circulating tumor cellsare the cells shed by a primary tumor into the vasculature and they keep flowing in the bloodstream of cancer patients.It was first reported in 1869. CTCs have been detected in various cancer such as breast, prostate, lung, and colon.CellSearch is the FDA-approved platform for Circulating tumor cells isolation.Technologies have been developed over the past years for CTC detection. The detection of CTC has remained difficult and challenging. Their detection requires extremely sensitive and analytical methods. CTCs are capable of metastasizing to other areas of the body and it may create new tumors in different tissues. For the enumeration of CTC, the CTC kit is provided to fix the cells. Circulating tumor cell screening allows the detection of cancer at an early stage.Cancer progression is associated with an increase in CTCs.

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