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Delta 8 online

Delta-8 is a pain reliever that doctors prescribe to patients who have become tolerant to other, more powerful opiate drugs. The drug functions as a kappa-opioid receptor agonist and prevents the patient from feeling any pain whatsoever. However, unlike morphine, Delta-8 has a very short lifespan in the human body and thus can only be used for emergency surgery or acute injuries.

In the event of an emergency requiring immense pain suppression, health care professionals may administer multiple doses of Delta-8 until the affected individual’s brain chemistry returns to normal. In most cases, however, one injection of Delta-8 will last between six and eight hours–enough time for doctors to set broken bones or stitch up deep lacerations.

The dosage for Delta-8 is very precise and should only be handled by qualified professionals. There have been many cases of individuals abusing the drug, resulting in addiction or death.

Delta-8 was developed by Prometheus Laboratories under government contract for NASA. The compound was designed to rapidly treat injuries sustained during space travel without hampering work performance during recovery. After years of testing on human volunteers, the FDA approved the drug for use on trauma victims requiring immediate surgery.

Delta 8 online

Compared to morphine, which can cause severe side effects when administered multiple times over an extended period of time, Delta-8 has a more manageable withdrawal profile. Patients who require more than one injection will typically suffer from mild flu-like symptoms while recovering in between injections. This makes delta 8 onlinea more ideal option for long-term pain suppression than morphine or other opiates.

Local anesthetic drugs such as lidocaine and Novocain, when injected into the Delta-8’s area of effect, can prolong its effects substantially. This allows doctors to operate on multiple patients before re-administering the drug as needed.

Today, Prometheus Laboratories produces several different variations of Delta-8 in addition to an injectable form of lidocaine combined with a kappa-opioid receptor agonist.

Who sells the best Delta 8 online? Due to illicit abuse and subsequent federal regulation, all forms of Delta-8 and combination lidocaine/opioid products have been scheduled as schedule II controlled substances by the DEA. Prometheus Laboratories has successfully lobbied Congress to create a new federal prison for incarcerating Delta-8 users and distributors, which was built on an abandoned military base in Arizona.

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