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The current market is full of CBD-based products, but for those who do not know the history, this cannabinoid from the cannabis plant has come a long way of ups and downs closely linked to its family reputation. And it is that, being closely linked to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it was expected that doubts would arise about its benefits.

The good thing is that thanks to the boom that its legalization has had, today it is possible to choose a Delta 8 edibles shop without problems and inconveniences and thus be able to enjoy its properties and benefits through different presentations, CBD oil being one of the most requested.

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The history of the cannabis plant goes back to our ancestors, because although it seems hard to believe, there is scientific evidence that demonstrates its use since 2737 BCroughly as part of natural medicine. The story could have remained the same, however, the abuse of its psychotropic power has surpassed its benefits and, becoming the central key to its discredit.

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This psychotropic power derives mainly from one of its largest cannabinoids, THC, which is responsible for causing a state of euphoria after consumption, altering the consciousness and reality of the individual. However, in 1940 science gave another of its main compounds a name, and it is nothing more than CBD or Cannabidiol, of course, it was to be expected that it would be attributed the same responsibilities as its closest relative, THC.

However, science set its sights on this compound and little by little a long list of properties and benefits have come to light that derive from a very particular mechanism of action. In this case, CBD differs from THC in that it lacks psychoactive reactions on the individual, this allows its sedative effect to be enjoyed without altering behavior, rather the cognitive state is enhanced, improving memory and concentration.

The acceptance of this fact caused controversy in humanity, it has even been worth several trials and clinical investigations to lay convincing foundations, and despite the fact that there are still discoveries to be made, what has been shown so far has served for the World Health Organization Health and other highly recognized associations recognize that CBD is not a substance harmful to health, since it does not create dependency.

Similarly, the compounds that enjoy legal protection in many countries are those with a high percentage of CBD and with a THC level below 0.2%.

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