Dealing With Rare Diseases: What Is The Best Treatment?

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Rare diseases are diseases that affect a small number of people and specific issues are raised related to their rarity. The disease is considered rare in Europe having a ratio of 1:2000 affected persons. The said health condition is rare in one region, yet common in another.

Causes of rare disease

The rare disease is considered a disease affecting fewer people in the US. There are above 6, 800 rare diseases present today. Rare diseases affect estimated millions of Americans. The rare diseases treatments hong kong are now available and accessible, which can help rare disease sufferers free up from this kind of health condition easily.

The causes of rare diseases remain unknown, yet the treatments are now gradually learned. The problem can be traced to changes in a single gene; these diseases are referred to rare and genetic diseases. Many genetic mutations can be passed on from generation to generation with an explanation for why rare diseases run in families.

It is crucial to get reminded that genetics is one piece of the puzzle, as an addition to the environmental factors, such as:

  • diet
  • smoking
  • exposure to chemicals (plays a role in rare diseases)

These factors may directly cause the rare disease or increase the severity or interact with genetic factors. The rare diseases gene treatments hong kong the condition that is applied for medication or to cure the said health condition.

rare diseases gene treatments hong kong

Some examples of rare diseases

There are examples of rare diseases caused by changes or mutations in single genes, including:

  • Cystic fibrosis. It can affect both the digestive and respiratory systems.
  • Huntington’s disease. It affects your nervous system and the brain.
  • Muscular dystrophies. It can affect the muscles.

Single genes are responsible for some inherited types of cancer, a rare disease. For example, the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have mutations that increase the risk for ovarian and hereditary breast cancers. In the FAP gene, the mutation increases the chance of hereditary colon cancer.

Also, rare diseases that are related to environmental factors, include:

  • Uncommon types of anemia. It is caused by vitamin deficiency diets or medications.
  • Mesothelioma. It is a rare cancer that affects the cells lining the chest cavity.

There are above 90% of mesothelioma cases caused by exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that was once widely used in insulation and fireproofing materials.

If you notice that you have that rare disease, it is time for you to browse Pfizer and find out the right treatment for it.

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