Freeing And Soothe Scalp From The Itchy Dandruff

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If you have been noticing those little white flakes on the shirt for a while, you have dandruff. Dandruff would not go away anytime soon, luckily, there are handy tips to remove dandruff. Read below to know how to deal with that dandruff and keep the scalp clear.

Need an affordable scalp treatment in Singapore? Look no further than Two Herbs. It is the safest and most effective anti-dandruff treatment and keeps both hair and scalp clean, fresh, and healthy.

Know the causes of dandruff

Before you go for the dandruff treatment, you need to know the causes first. Dandruff is caused by a lot of factors. So, it is essential to know where your dandruff comes from before making any treatment. Malassezia is a yeast-like fungus that thrives on oily scalp areas that may start to build up that keep the scalp itchy. It is one of the most common causes of dandruff.

When the scalp starts to become unhealthy, the natural defenses are compromised. Irritation may be caused by Malassezia that penetrates the scalp barrier. It causes to produce and shed more skin cells than normal. The skin cells transform to white flakes falling from the scalp, which is known as dandruff.

Advantages of hydrating the scalp

Do you follow the eight glasses of water a day? To keep hydrated leads to a dry scalp that worsens dandruff symptoms, like flaking and itching. There is more than increasing the intake of water to replenish the lost moisture. You need to make sure to wear hats and use an umbrella to keep the scalp from drying.

Over-styling the hair may lead to dryness. So, minimize the use of curling irons, hairdryers, and straighteners to get rid of damage.

Avoidance of excess oils

To keep the hair shiny and moisturized, the scalp produces serum, natural oil may help the body produce a layer of protection to keep the scalp hydrated. But, too much of anything is no longer good. An excess of sebum may result in greasy hair that causes dandruff. Maintaining the levels of sebum is done by minimizing the use of those hair styling products and ensuring that the hair is thoroughly rinsed after shampooing.

By doing this, it removes the build-up of residue aggravating further oiliness that gives the hair a dirty and greasy look. It is time to keep the scalp clean and fresh from dirt as it may cause dandruff. If you need an affordable scalp treatment, try the Two Herbs.

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