Holistic tools in the form of Viniyoga by KaustabhDesikachar

A peek through in the life of Kausthub Desikachar

When the body, mind, and soul need to rehabilitate then nothing is better than starting yoga o a daily basis. Yoga does not help in rejuvenating these three essential part of the human body but also keep our body fit, our mind calm and the soul contented. Yoga rejuvenates our body cells and provides inner peace and positivity. To stay in the best state of mind one must follow the steps the Yoga guru teaches and these steps can be followed by taking the classes sincerely and joining the yoga academy.

Holistic tools in the form of Viniyoga by KaustabhDesikachar

Viniyoga is a yoga school in Singapore that follows the tradition and teachings of viniyoga tradition. This teaching system was created by taking the education and understanding the ways of Professor T Krishnamacharya along with the teachings of ‘Sir’ TKV Desikachar. But this foundation was further developed and groomed by the son of Sir Desikachar, Dr.KaustabhDesikachar.Due to the interest in the emerging and absolutely easy healing form of medication online yoga foundation was founded known as Krishnamacharya yoga foundation.

What is Viniyoga?

Viniyoga is an updated version of traditional yoga that the user can access through the online mode. The Yoga on-site platform has made it easy for students across Singapore to go through these yoga sessions. This session is a small initiative by the team of Viniyoga to give an adapted version of the typical holistic tools of yoga-like Asana’s, chanting, Mantra’s, Pranayama, and meditation. These changes were designed to meet the need of every individual and also respect the differences of caste, age gap, occupation, health parameters, religion, culture, etc.

Offers available 

There are a number of offerings and therapies that can be taken as per the need.

Vocalizing Vedics along with the guru: The online mode has made it easy to learn with the pace and style that is most suitable. The one-on-one class helps in guidance while practicing Vedic chanting has its own numerous benefits.

Spiritual well-being: The gurus, as well as mentors, guide the students towards spiritual monitoring and thereby alleviate the spiritual personalities.

Teaching sessions include

  • Study of the sacred text, yoga mantras, Bhagavad-Gita
  • Therapies for kids, children, and elders
  • Spiritual and specialized classes for elderly people
  • Classes for pregnant ladies

It is a journey of improvement and the well-being of a personality from all aspects. Dr.Kaustabh Desikachar has brought forward this idea so that a huge number of people could get benefit from this platform where each and every trainer work individually with students with various different approaches.

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