What Are The Various Luxury Gym Equipment You Need To Invest In Today?

What Are The Various Luxury Gym Equipment You Need To Invest In Today?

With another approaching lockdown coming to effect, it is the perfect time to think of investing in elegant and luxury gym equipment that would not only help you keep yourself fit and healthy, but you will also be proud to have them on display at your home.

Following are a few of the pieces of equipment that you should consider investing in without wasting any second:

  • Ciclotte bike 

Apart from being a perfect option to place deliberately in your living room, it is the best option for gazing at. Not to forget, it does wonders while you do a leg workout.

Whether it is a desk, coffee machine, or a car, the Italians possess a penchant for pretty designs. Made from very strong and ultra-light carbon fiber, the resistance is obtained with the presence of a sophisticated electromagnetic system that can be remotely controlled with the help of Bluetooth. Apart from this, the best part is the carbon outer wheel that turns as a person pedals; it replicates the sensation of cycling on a road while looking extremely cool. It has been a winner of many design awards while costing £10,000.

  • WaterRower 

It is a great choice for doing cardio, conditioning, and for core strength. It can easily be used by a person who wishes to do a low-impact and full-body workout.

Sculpted by Zeus, Olympic rowers are blessed with proportions like Adonies, all thanks to their perfect workout regimes. If a person would be forced to love with nothing but a single bit of gym equipment for the rest of his life, a rowing machine might probably end up being on the top of the list. Unlike the mechanical feeling that comes up with magnetic and fan rowing machines, the WaterRower is known to harness the power of water to provide an even and smooth resistance, while replicating not only the aesthetic pleasure of swishing water but also the physiological dynamics that are involved with rowing. The costs begin from £1,049.

  • Sprintbok 

One of the best treadmill equipment hong kong, the environment here is 100% powered by the user. Along with this, it is known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to the speed and running style of a person. The presence of flexible slats makes sure that there is a minimum strain on joints.

Costing £5,295, it is indeed a true game-changer. This treadmill requires no electricity and is powered with the help of precision ball bearings and wooden slats that ensure smooth transmission. It offers a self-determined workout pattern for running, with no limits to speeds or settings anyhow.

While you might have successfully managed the first and the second lockdown with the assistance of various at-home workouts currently streaming on online platforms, these luxury pieces of gym equipment will help provide a fashionable edge to your fitness journey in these difficult times.

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