Types of Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures done to make improvements to the teeth, gums, or palate. While improving dental health, some cosmetic dental procedures do as well. As an illustration, tooth-colored ceramic fillings look better and even require less enamel removal than metal fillings do.

In cosmetic dentistry, the tooth may have material added to it or removed. As a dentist offering cosmetic dentistry services in Toronto says, some dentists prefer (tooth-friendly) aesthetic dentistry, which implies refraining from any treatment that may permanently alter the teeth. Teeth whitening, several forms of short-term orthodontics, and composite resin are operations that are tooth-friendly. Tooth whitening is currently the most common restorative and aesthetic dental procedure.

Gummy Smile Treatment Methods

Visiting a dentist is the first step of treatment. In this case, the dentist carefully examines the condition of the mouth and teeth and determines the amount of excess gum. If necessary, the dentist may prepare a traditional or digital mold of the teeth and gums. Radiological images of the roots of the teeth and jawbone may even be required. If the problem is very serious, the dentist may refer you to a periodontist or a maxillofacial surgeon for more specialized examinations.

Types of Treatment Methods Are:

Periodontal Surgery (Gum Receding):

In cases where the teeth have a short appearance, in order to raise the gum line and remove its excess amount from the smile line, the dental surgeon performs dentin lifting surgery. In this surgery, in order to improve the appearance of the gum, some of its tissue is removed, and the underlying bone is slightly reshaped. Cosmetic gum surgery is a very simple surgery. In this procedure, a gap or electrocautery is created under local anesthesia.

Before performing this operation, the dentist must take measurements by photographing or 3D modeling so that he can perform a precise surgery and achieve the desired result. By using digital photos, the patient can see the result of the operation before proceeding with it.

Beautiful Covers

If the problem is on the surface of the teeth, cosmetic veneers or composite veneers are used to improve the appearance of the teeth.

Changing the Position of the Lips

To solve the problem of excessive muscle activity, the surgeon improves their activity and the amount of lifting of the upper lip by separating a part of the muscles that keep the lip up. This operation is suitable for people whose upper lip has a lot of movement and moves upwards when laughing too much, thus exposing a large part of the gum. Be careful that the result of this operation cannot be reversed.

Orthodontic Treatment

In orthodontic treatment, using special brackets, pressure is applied to the teeth so that they are guided in a new position that has a better fit with the appearance of the gums. Orthodontics can correct teeth misalignment and teeth bite problems at the same time. The period of orthodontic treatment can last from several months to several years. If the cause of a gummy smile is problems related to the jaw, jaw surgery is needed.

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