Clenbuterol side effects – From moderate to severe

Clenbuterol aka clen is the most popular drug for weight loss. It has been used by many athletes, bodybuilders for the weight reduction. However, it has been reported that Clenbuterol stimulates many mild to strong side effects. If the users decide to take Clenbuterol, then they should be aware of the negative effects. Clenbuterol was primarily invented to use medically. It was used as a bronchodilator to clear the obstructions in the lungs. When Clenbuterol was used as bronchodilator, the patients felt free passage of air in the lungs. On the other side, the usage of clen increases the body temperature which is turn increases metabolism. Hence, unwanted fat level decreases.

The common side effects of Clenbuterol are: Dry mouth, palpitation, nausea, vomiting, perspiration, water loss, increased blood pressure, tremors, cardiac muscle hypertrophy, insomnia, severe headaches. The drug’s effect gradually decreases and washes out from the body soon after discontinuing the drug. When taking the recommended dose with plenty of water, the side effects are getting reduced. Taurine supplement helps to reduce the muscle cramps.

Clenbuterol long term effects:

Studies on Animal reported that the increased collagen levels ultimately increased the enlargement of heart muscles. The collagen is a solid material decreases the pumping system of heart, thus reduces the blood flow output.

Electrical signals keep the cells of the heart muscle to pump regularly. The collagen interferes with such signals and reduces the heart pumping, which causes asymmetrical heart beat. Arrhythmias promote the stroke risk. The studies on rodents revealed that heart cell degeneration was induced by clen. It has been noted that Clenbuterol affects heart’s structure and might cause aortic enlargement after exercise. It enhances the aortic rupture risk and even sudden death.

Using Clenbuterol may aggravate any existing heart problems or hypertension issues. The dose makes the bones fragile. The greater muscles mass with bone fragility increase the bone fracture risks. When such dangerous side effects arise it is better to come off on Clenbuterol.

How does Clenbuterol overdose cause side effects?

The overdosed Clenbuterol causes symptoms within few minutes of its ingestion. Since it has a lengthy half-life, the reactions will not settle off quickly. Clen overdose side effects are: dyspnea, vertigo, headaches, tachycardia, stroke, Taurine depletion.

Safe alternatives-weight loss

There are many safe alternatives for weight loss available. The user should see the ingredients used in the drug, the potency etc. Most of the alternatives are made up of herbals. However, even some herbals cause minor side effects which would be unbearable. So, it is better to list out the ingredients used, positive and negative traits before using them. The safe alternatives benefit the users by increasing calorie burning, inducing more energy, cutting down food cravings, and boosting the metabolism.

The legality of Clenbuterol

Though there are many sources selling Clenbuterol, all of them are not approved by the FDA. Clenbuterol is advised for the animals suffering from breathing problems. As a performance drug, it has been banned by the WADA and IOC. One may get it only with prescription that too for animals and not for human use. The users may start doing exercises, adopt strict diet regimen to come off on Clenbuterol.

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