Understanding And Tackling The Drug Withdrawal

Understanding And Tackling The Drug Withdrawal

Drug abuse is easily one of the most terrifying problems that is gripping today’s youths globally. Really young teenagers are getting addicted to life-threatening drugs and a lot of them also die due to drug abuse. To stop addiction and end substance abuse altogether, majority of citizens worldwide need to understand addiction and its causes at its root level. Granted that getting addicted to drugs is difficult, but even after a person gets free from the devious grasps of substance abuse, that person has to go through severe cases of drug withdrawal, which is another demon in its own. Let us try and understand the serious implications of stages that follow after a person is free from addiction.

Drug Withdrawal – An Introduction

Addiction is by far one of the most complicated and serious disorders known to the medical world, and curing it is equally difficult and complicated. When a person is hooked on a certain kind of drug or a substance, the entire body and metabolism of that person is dependent upon that drug to maintain its daily bodily functions. Drug withdrawal happens when this drug is completely cut-off from the body. Now imagine removing that important of a factor from the equation of a human body, the equation breaks down. This is exactly what happens when an addicted person suddenly stops taking the drugs which are the cause of that person’s addiction.

drug withdrawal

What Happens In The Drug Withdrawal Stage?

The removal of the drug from a person’s system can be done by various methods. Lately, a new and a very promising procedure termed as IOP or Intensive outpatient treatment is on the rise. This method aims to isolate the patient and group them with similar individuals in a closed environment for faster recovery. You can check out this site to know more about intensive outpatient treatment.

  • After the patient has is successful in refraining from the intake of drugs completely. A very horrific stage kicks in where the patient turns into a hypertensive, active freak that is hyperactive all the time. This is the beginning of the withdrawal syndrome.
  • This stage is followed by intense sweating where the patient starts to sweat profusely and continuously all throughout the day. This results in abnormal body temperatures and an increased heartbeat. This stage can be dangerous if not treated properly.
  • When the sweating stage is over, the body moves into a chaotic stage where the patient is constantly nauseated and has severe vomiting bouts. This stage is the one where the body is at its weakest and needs proper care.
  • The last and probably the longest stage is the one after the vomiting phase. Here the patient moves on into a serious stage of depression and insomnia. The person becomes increasingly restless and finds it difficult to have a heightened mood.

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