Dosage Recommendations of Testosterone for High Gains

Many sports people, body builders and weight lifters use steroids is not the secret. However, the important factor is the recommended dosages for effective gains. For medical use, there are clear cut recommendations based on studies. When it comes to other uses, the literature is not available due to the fact that for sports, any kind of steroid use is banned. If someone really wants to know the doses for a particular use, then the information is available from experienced users and forums dedicated to steroids and body builders. Like any medicine, knowing all about the drug can be beneficial in terms of the results and side effects and one can take an informed decision. Naturally produced testosterone is called Endogenous and synthetic varieties are called Exogenous.

Testosterone Uses

As a medicinal drug, it has been used in the treatment of hormonal imbalances, improves metabolism, increase bone mass and muscle development. Also, when there is a requirement for improving male reproductive issues, use of testosterone is proven to be effective. All this is done under the medical supervision. When it comes to general and sports use, athletes use it for muscle growth, increase bone strength and increase general strength. It is available as injections with many varieties like Testosterone Enanthate, Propionate and Cypionate. They deliver similar kinds of effects and the difference is that how long they remain effective in the body. There are other varieties available where all the 3 are present in a single injection. Use of a particular type is based on the level of experience of the user. If one should know how much exogenous testosterone to use, they can consult experienced users and user forums.

Dose Recommendations

Beginners are normally recommended to start with a testosterone only cycle and at a low dose. This is to study the behavior of the body and how it reacts and adjusts to the increased level of the hormone. 200 mg of Enanthate 2 times a week or Propionate 3 times a week for a 12-week cycle is good enough to start with. Advanced users can take 500-1000mg of Cypionate injections on a weekly basis for 12 weeks. Again, the dose limits can be adjusted to increase every other cycle by 200 mg for better gains. After a cycle, a rest cycle is recommended. Advanced users may consider stacking testosterone with other steroids but is not recommended for beginners.

Safety Considerations

As it is an anabolic androgenic steroid, some side effects are expected when using this drug. Common side effects include a headache, irritation, increased blood pressure and pain at the injection site due to high frequency. Women who take testosterone may acquire male characteristics like deep voice and hair growth. They also run the risk of virility or infertility. Men may have increased libido. Water retention and bloating occur due to the use but these will disappear once the use is stopped. The trick of how much exogenous testosterone to use should be clear but once again, users should not cross the dose limits lest the side effects become permanent.

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