Prepare Your Special Day with a Fabulous Skin

Tips to get young skin and fresh look

On your special day, such as for wedding ceremony, birthday party, or graduation ceremony, you will need to have a special look. Having special treatment might cause you an expensive cost. Onthe other way around, you could have another option of having a facial treatment by yourself. Actually, this is simple and everybody could learn how to fight Against Ageing Skin properly.

A young look skin has a strong relationship with aging. So the first treatment is related to fight the aging process. Use natural ingredient material from Croton Lechleri, a special plant grows in northwestern South America. This essence is contained in Dragon Blood gel, a high-quality product from Nioskin. One jar contains 30 ml gel which is a mixture of Croton Lechleri with other excellent natural ingredients.

This proven formula would also help you to reduce redness skin that might not look good in your face. Another symptom like an inflammation could also be reduced. After several weeks of usage, you will no longer see these damage symptoms in your skin.

Fight Against Ageing Skin

Use this anti-aging gel every day in advance, for example, two or three weeks before your special day. It is preferred to have this aging gel in the night before you sleep. Clean your face with water first, and then rub it in small press with a smooth towel. After that, disperse this gel around your face and neck in a thin layer.

The next thing, after you could reduce your aging process, then it is better to enhance it by having a whitening agent such as the Star Bright cream from Nioskin. This cream contains of natural essence of Star Vine, Lumiskin, Star Fish, and Secretion Filtrate from Snails. Four essential materials in this cream made a specific effect to moisturize your skin, so thus it could help you to prevent your skin in dry condition.

Not only that, these essences combined with Vitamin C that brings nutrition to your skin cell. Disperse it every day to your skin would slower it from a darker skin pigment, which eventually keeps your skin in a brighter tone.

A combination of anti-aging gel and a whitening cream is a perfect combination to prepare you to look fresher on your special day. The effect of these essences would be different for each person. Some people might have a faster effect than others.

So in spite of having expensive cost of facial treatment through unproven result, it is better for you to have this simple method. Keeping your skin young by reducing the aging process, then make it a little brighter, would become a very good solution. Use it every day in a consistent way for better result.

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