Everything You Want to Know about Melanotan 2


Melanotan 2 is an alpha-Melanocyte hormone, MSH or Melanotan peptide, is the synthetic variant of the natural peptide hormone, which is responsible for the melanogenesis (process that can cause pigmentation of skin) in your body. Synthetically made and injectable hormone is used commonly for the improved sexual stamina as well as to darken the skin pigment. This drug is among legal peptides on sale, and sold in the powdered form that is reconstituted for the subcutaneous injections.

Initially Melanotan II was developed in 1990s ad led by the popular dermatologist named Norman Levine, research team that was behind invention of this drug used on frogs to experiment safety and effectiveness of the hormone called Alpha MSH before it got used on people. Hormone caused darkening of pigments of frogs used in this experiment.

On confirming effectiveness of the Alpha MSH for darkening the frog skin pigments and they modified Melanotan 2 peptide in way that will be friendly to human body as well as put this through the clinical trials.  Melanotan 2 works by activating a few melanocortin receptors, and leading to the improved skin tanning, improved sexual libido, higher lipid metabolism as well as suppressed appetite.

Why was Melanotan 2 popular?


Some people try and discredit the peptides sales, particularly Melanotan2, and dissuade other to use it, many of them who lack pigment or have Melanotan supplement cannot keep calm. They’re satisfied with use of Melanotan-II results as well as keep on recommending this drug to other people. Thus, popularity of the Melanotan supplement increases. A report that was released by the BBC in 2009 indicated that that hundreds of people had visited the main benefits of Melanotan-II include enhance libido, dark skin, as well as fat loss.

Points about Melanotan-II that you have to know

Having white skin is not something that a lot of people like as a complexion is susceptible to skin cancer and sunburns. Fortunately, even though you are born with the pale skin, you may add a little tan to your skin by taking reliable drug that will increase skin-darkening pigment formation. In this case, Melanotan 2 results are highly unregrettable.

There are some positive effects of using Melanotan 2, but major one is an ability to tan all kinds of skin regardless of how old an individual is. If you are not very comfortable with paleness of the white skin and want to give this tan, you have to know the skin type before you start this journey to Melanotan black skin.

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