Reasons Why You Need the Best Dentist Wisdom Tooth Extraction Singapore

Wisdom teeth are last to erupt in your mouth, usually in your late teens or twenties. These are also called the third molar as they come out after the first two pairs. Most patients know what exactly needs to be done on their arrival, and that is their removal. The removal is crucial because there is very little or no room for them to erupt at the corner of your mouth, thus resulting in sideways growth or getting stuck under the gums.  It is one of the common problems associated with wisdom teeth, and impaction is the term used by dentists for this. Most people search for the best dentist wisdom tooth extraction Singapore to face lesser problems.

Why is extraction necessary?

As there is no availability of space for the wisdom teeth to grow, it pushes against the next molar, which in turn pushes the next and this makes them crooked. Being at the very corner of the mouth, it also becomes difficult to clean them so they are prone to tooth decay and gum infection.Sometimes, the alignment is so disturbed that it is not possible to remove it by normal extraction. In such cases, surgery is required.

Problems with wisdom teeth

All wisdom teeth do not need to be removed unless they cause some problems and they can cause more problems than you can afford. Some of the common issues you may face are the following:

  • Pain

An impacted wisdom tooth grows incorrectly causing the pain to get worse. The pain persists in the mouth causing the joint connecting the skull bone and jaw to hurt. The pain persists unless you contact a dentist.

  • Infection

Wisdom teeth break out from the skin,making it vulnerable to bacterial infections, which can cause swelling.

  • Impact on other molars

Not only do the wisdom teeth make the nearby molars crooked but also hurt them at the root level which you cannot generally see. It also makes it hard to clean them forming a layer of plaque.

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