Cosmetic Dental Options for Missing Teeth Replacement

Cosmetic Dental Options for Missing Teeth Replacement

One of the severe dental issues that can impact the quality of your life negatively is missing teeth. According to the research, most adults have at least one missing tooth in their mouth. Since tooth loss can bring severe consequences for our overall oral health, you are recommended to choose a practical restorative method to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks to the cosmetic dentistry science, several beneficial dental procedures are available to help you say goodbye to the adverse effects of missing teeth. Based on an experienced cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, there are specific treatments in cosmetic dentistry that matches your unique needs and lifestyle. If you are curious about the possible negative effects of missing teeth and want to be familiar with the excellent options of cosmetic dentistry treatments to replace missing teeth successfully, keep reading the following information carefully.

Adverse Effects of Missing Teeth

-Negatively Impact Facial Structure: Your Teeth are responsible for supporting your facial structure, and when you lose your teeth, you will find out that your skin starts to sag gradually. As a result, some notable wrinkles will be created around your mouth that can look years older than you are.

-Affecting Your Confidence Level: As Everyone knows, the most significant effect of missing teeth is losing confidence to smile more often. When you have missing teeth in your mouth, especially in the front, you prefer to hide your smile behind closed lips.

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The Successful Options of Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Replace Tooth Loss 

Dental Implant: If you look for a secure method that has the potential to last a lifetime, a dental implant is an absolutely correct choice to meet what you need. Cosmetic dentistry science will take a significant step to improve dental treatments by providing this fantastic restorative option. In this procedure, artificial tooth roots are fabricated in your jaw bone, and then you will pass a healing time of around 3 to 4 months until bone structures grow around the implanted site. Finally, professionally trained dentists will place the artificial tooth called a crown over the implant. It should be noted dental implant is a surgical procedure but don’t worry because all the process will be performed under local anesthesia, and you won’t feel any pain.

Dental Bridges: If you have lost several teeth and still have some remaining healthy teeth, dental bridges are successful yet affordable options of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can close the gap between your teeth straightforwardly. In this method, your dedicated dentists will attach two crowns to the surrounded healthy teeth and place the new artificial tooth in the middle.

Dentures: No matter whether you lose several or all of your permanent teeth, different types of dentures will solve your problem in the blink of an eye. Although modern dentures are more realistic than traditional ones, they can’t provide added benefits of dental implants.

Nowadays, with the help of cosmetic dentistry, having a stunning smile with a set of pearly white teeth is available for all people. If you are unpleasant with the appearance of your teeth and smile, make an appointment with your experienced and dedicated dentists. They are the best ones to help you choose the best treatment depending on your dental issues.

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