The Causes of Painful Emergency Toothache at Nights

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You can’t find a person who has experienced dental emergencies without suffering from severe or slight pain. Dental emergencies bring discomfort and pain, which make an awful situation for you. Then the right action is to call an emergency dentist as shortly as possible to get rid of this condition. Based on what an emergency dentist in Scarborough claims, a toothache is one of the most common dental emergencies among patients, which happens for different reasons, diagnosed by your professional emergency dentist.

 If you have ever encountered an emergency toothache, you know how much it can disturb your activities and life routines. Many people relieve their emergency toothache with qualified over-the-counter medications until they visit their emergency dentist. As observations of emergency dentists show, an emergency toothache is prominently worse during the night. You might consider that there are no reasons for explaining why you are significantly more annoyed at night with an emergency toothache. Here we have a clarification that makes you completely aware of why emergency toothache keeps you up at night and how you can ease the pain to have your nightly rest.

Reason 1: Our Brain Is Less Distracted.

You usually have no tasks or anything specific to do at night. So, this makes you much more aware of your body’s feelings. It’s expected to feel your emergency toothache or any other dental emergency that gets worse at night because your brain is mainly focused on the emergency pain you have and nothing else. You feel the discomfort and agony more intensely when you clear your mind to go to sleep.

Reason 2: More Blood Flow

One of the critical reasons that make you feel worse about your emergency toothache at night is your sleeping position. More blood rush to your head when you lay down to sleep and puts additional pressure on your mouth-sensitive areas. You can’t feel your emergency toothache as bothering as you feel it at night because we are mostly standing or sitting.

emergency dentist in Scarborough

Reason 3: Unconscious Teeth Grinding

If you are used to grinding your teeth unconsciously at night, you should expect more severe emergency toothaches. Teeth grinding put a considerable amount of pain and pressure on your jaws, teeth, and gun, so it’s not out of mind to find yourself suffering from emergency toothache when you grind your teeth.

Reason 4: Late-Night Snacks

Sweets and sugary meals late at night make the situation completely suitable for harmful plaques to make your emergency toothache worse at night. Although brushing your teeth is significantly essential and helpful, but still, it’s better not to have late-night meals when you are already suffering from emergency toothache.

How Can You Lessen Your Night Emergency Pain?

  • Avoid eating acidic, cold, or sugary foods before going to bed.
  • Use over-the-counter medicine for mild emergency toothaches.
  • Put an ice bag on the intended area involved with a dental emergency.

You can also ask your emergency dentist for further advice and ways to relieve your pain provisionally.

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