Broken Teeth: Dental Emergency

Teeth are often broken or cracked. Of course, dental injuries are common. Fortunately, the emergency dentist in Toronto can improve your smile again by using the new dental restorations. Emergency dental services are done on time and correctly. In rare cases, teeth may have problems after the restoration process. Complications of dental restorations include tooth sensitivity, which in most cases, will soon be eliminated. Therefore, it is important to know what to do in case of a broken tooth. Click here for further information about emergency dental services in Toronto.

If a blow to the head damages a tooth, it is best to be examined by the Toronto emergency dentist as soon as possible, especially if you have dizziness or loss of consciousness. If the damage is limited to one or more teeth, you can visit the emergency dentist in Toronto the next day (or more than a day for minor fractures).

What Are the Reasons for Broken Tooth?

Teeth are significantly strong, but are prone to breaking, cracking, or fracture due to the following:

– Biting something hard

– Impact on the face or mouth

– Falling

– Tooth decay that weakens teeth.

If you are confronted with a severely broken tooth, you have to immediately head to the emergency dental clinic in Toronto.

What Are the Symptoms for Broken Tooth?

There may be no pain when a tooth is broken or chipped. However, your tongue usually feels the sharpness of your teeth quickly. A minor tooth fracture usually does not cause pain, but if a large part of the tooth breaks, it may be painful if the nerve inside the tooth is exposed or damaged. It is considered a serious dental emergency case that can be very annoying if the tooth is exposed to air or drinks and hot or cold foods. Pain from a broken tooth may be persistent or sometimes palpable. Many people feel pain while chewing because chewing puts pressure on the teeth. If you are facing a dental emergency in Toronto, call the emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

Types of Broken Tooth and the Treatment

There are several kinds of broken teeth, each of which requires emergency dental treatment of a broken tooth, including:

– Partial fracture

These fractures, also called hairline cracks, are superficial cracks that only affect the tooth’s outer white surface, called the enamel. Minor fractures rarely require emergency treatment. However, the emergency dentist in Toronto may gently polish the tooth surface to smooth out rough areas. Restoring a broken front tooth is more important than other teeth because it will affect the facial beauty.

– Broken teeth

This type of fracture involves the entire tooth from the chewing surface to the nerve. The cracks gradually expand. But since even a small crack can open the way for infection, it is important to visit the emergency dentist. The Toronto emergency dentist uses X-rays on the teeth to determine the injury’s extent and take appropriate action. Cracks can sometimes be repaired with composite, but in most cases, veneers are needed to prevent cracks from deteriorating. If the pulp (nerve and other living tissue) is damaged, endodontics may be needed.

– Chipped teeth

Minor bruises do not always require emergency treatment. To repair the damage, the emergency dentist may recommend using bonding materials to prevent cracking or improve the tooth’s appearance. If the puffiness is very small, the lip area may be polished and smoothed.

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